Bema – Spitalfields

Veganuary is all fun & games until you realise you’ve been living on burgers & pastries for 8 days straight 🙈 So, if you’re looking to inject some delicious veggies into your diet, @bema.eats is the spot for you! 🥰⁣

These guys let you order from your office and simply wander down to pick up the food 👌🏼 You can choose from a range of flavoursome, high protein dishes priced between £4.90 and £8.50 including the ones we tried:⁣

🌱Indian bowl w/ beetroot infused quinoa, roasted turmeric cauliflower, steamed green beans, coconut milk based lentil, chickpea curry, apple cider vinegar, pickled onions, fresh coriander⁣

🌱Middle Eastern bowl w/ turmeric infused quinoa, king oyster mushroom shawarma, beetroot hummus with olive oil, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber, tomato salad, dukkah seed mix⁣

🌱Beetroot hummus & avocado toast on charcoal bread⁣

🌱 Blue spirulina latte ⁣

…and many more!⁣


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