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Praise the GORD 🙏🏻 {complimentary meal}

I didn’t think I’d see the day where @gordongram introduced vegan options so I’d like to say THANK YOU 🙏🏻 Despite the criticism he knew he’d cop, he did it anyway. It’s a big day when people who previously mocked veganism realise the importance of supporting it 🌱

I understand that lots of places are “jumping on the bandwagon” as it were but I’m happy to buy into the supply / demand system so that vegan options keep improving and their availability does too.
I popped down to Gordon’s @breadstkitchen to try out the options (including vegan Prosecco 🥂). Here’s what we ate & what we thought:

🌱 Jerusalem Artichoke w/ toasted hazelnuts & garlic oil 💰 £8.50
✏️ Nice flavour, super creamy. Loved the crunch of the hazelnuts. The price did seem steep .
❓Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Vegan Nut Roast
💰 £17 – For a meal in a nice restaurant isn’t too bad. £6-£8 cheaper than the meat
✏️It’s a great portion size but I did feel that it was missing one component. The day someone masters a vegan yorkie will be a happy day. This was listed as a nut roast but felt more like a veg wellington with nuts. The pastry was lovely – flaky on the outside, soft on the inside. The outer layer of the inside (you with me?) reminded me of a pasty and I enjoyed it. In fact, I would’ve preferred that throughout because I didn’t love the big slab of sweet potato in the middle. Having one block of veg was too much and became a bit samey. The gravy was beautiful – we asked for extra! The veg was cooked well (shout out to those carrots 🥕) but would’ve preferred the potatoes to be fluffier with a slightly less tough skin
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes (if they make some changes)

🌱 Vegan Eton Mess
💰 £9.50
✏️ This is the first vegan EM I’ve ever had & I imagine it’s not easy to master but this didn’t remind me of an EM at all – more like a tapioca pudding with a piece of meringue. The flavours from the sorbet, rhubarb & raspberries were great but the whole dish didn’t do it for me
❓ Would I Order It Again? No

📍 Location: St Paul’s
🌾 GF Options: No
🌱 100% Vegan? No
🏠 Type of Eatery: Smart but informal
💰 Affordability: Pricey but not bank breaking
👩‍🍳 Service: Friendly enough but slow and a bit disorganised
🎶 Atmosphere: Buzzy
📸 @jolley_chris & me
📦 Leftovers: Nope!

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary but all views are honest & my own

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