Buffalo Diner – Now Closed

🎶 Buffalo Diner, Serving Brunch yeah, There was a Buffalo Diner, In the heart of Hackney yeah 🎶 (Invite)
There’s a new vegan brunch in town at @buffalovegandiner and it’s absolutely fully buff-lo-aded. I mean, this thing is huuuuge 😍


The brunch menu only offers a couple of items at the moment including:
🥑 Avocado toast with garlic oil & roast peppers – £6 – 🥑 This dish wasn’t for me. The bread was too tough, there wasn’t enough of the garlic oil and the peppers didn’t really compliment the dish but I LOVED:
🌱 The Buffalo Breakfast of Champions with scrambled tofu, @nobullburgerco sausages, bubble n squeak, homemade smoky maple seitan “bacon”, Buffalo baked beans, avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, spinach salad, unlimited toast & BBQ sauce – £13 – You certainly won’t leave hungry after the brekkie of champs! £13 is quite expensive but you do get value for money and I really renjoyed it💰
🌱 The homemade beans are divine: Chunky and comforting with a delicious sweetness
🌱@nobullburgerco sausages (the only item not homemade) were really tasty
🐃 The homemade Buffalo sauce is the star of the show. A lovely smokey flavour, with a nice tang and just the right amount of heat 🔥
🌱 The tofu was probably the most egg-like substitute I’ve had. The texture was spot on and there was a hint of an egg flavour. It reminded me of egg mayo although it was too watery and needed more seasoning but has huge potential
🥔 Bubble n squeak was a bit plain and needed more to it as it just tasted like mash
🍅 The tomatoes were tasty
🥓 The bacon was AMAZING! Crispy, crunchy, smokey, meaty and chewy – it did take me back to my bacon days!
🌱 The spinach didn’t do it for me – would’ve preferred it sautéed with garlic than served with a balsamic

The lovely team were kind enough to invite me and gave me this food on a complimentary basis. No payment was received and all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.

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