Crispy Duck Bao Buns

Now this is a “ducking” good way to start February 🦆 {ad}

Congrats to everyone who completed Veganuary 👏🏼 If you’re looking for some inspo on how to keep going, I strongly recommend you start with this “quacker” of a dish… 🦆

Hoisin duck bao buns with cucumber, sriracha mayo, coriander and spring onions made using @squeakybeanveg 🤤

There are many different types of Bao, popular mainly in China. Gua Bao is a Taiwanese street food traditionally made with pork belly 🇹🇼

This is such an easy dish that you can have ready in ten mins. Here’s what I did:

🌱 I picked up some ready-made bao buns
🌱 Cooked up my @squeakybeanveg crispy duck style pieces
🌱 Warmed up my buns
🌱 Added hoisin sauce, vegan sriracha mayo and cucumber into the buns and topped with my duck as well as some spring onions and coriander
🌱 Done!

Cooking vegan food doesn’t have to take three hours using expensive ingredients, it can be as simple and delicious as this ☺️

Tag me in your pics if you give them a go, I’d love to see!

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