Late Onset Sweet Tooth

*Please note that this was written before I turned vegan*


I don’t know whether my recent change of tastebuds is due to the influence of my dessert loving boyfriend or if I’ve just not been eating the right sweets in my 29 years on this earth, but I’ll tell you one thing for free; They’re growing on me – fast.

Last week, the beautiful people at Crepeaffaire were kind enough to invite me down to their Old Spitalfields Market branch, where I was introduced to their new luxury indulgence range, and jeez, they’re not kidding around when they use the term ‘indulgent’.

As a lifetime fan of Ferrero Rocher, I really thought it might be rather rude for me to order anything other than the Ferrero Rocher extravagance crepe, topped with Nutella, walnuts, and Ferrero Rocher, served with cream or ice cream (I went with ice cream).

I mean, my face says it all. This crepe is insanely delicious and tastes just like the real deal. Chris and I had just devoured one of the incredible goats cheese crepes each (Cheddar, Goat’s cheese, onion confit, spinach and red onion) as well as one of the luxury indulgence shakes (see below for pics and further details) too so we were feeling pretty full so we ordered one between us and that was juuuust the right amount.

As mentioned, here’s one of the indulgence shakes. We opted for the salted caramel popcorn option which was just as delightful as the crepes. The sticky caramel mixed with the crunchy popcorn was just divine. Basically had to be rolled out of the restaurant after all of these treats but boy, was it worth it!

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