Slaw – Angel

We came, we slaw, we conquered 🤤 {complimentary}
Literally. We ate every item on this menu and we regretted nothing 😂


@slawfood is one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in ages 🙌🏼 This 100% vegan restaurant gives off serious Copenhagen vibes whilst serving up small plates w/ big flavours. It places big emphasis on sustainability, local produce & tackling food waste 👏🏼

This place is definitely in my top ten places to eat in London!

As always, here’s what we ate & what we thought:
🌱Jerusalem Artichoke purée w/ red quinoa, mushrooms, crispy kale & salsa verde
💰 £7
✏️ Deep flavours, creamy yet crunchy, mushrooms cooked perfectly
❓Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Roasted & pickled carrots w/ hummus, carrot top pesto & hazelnut rye crumb
💰 £7
✏️ Perfectly cooked veg, great texture contrasts. Love that they use all of the carrot!
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Spiced cauliflower, red onion w/ flaked almonds & coriander mint dressing .
💰 £7
✏️ Unreal dish. Absolutely love the coriander mint & hints of almond
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Purple sprouting broccoli, radicchio, kohlrabi & pear salad w/ tamari almonds & citrus dressing
💰 £7
✏️ The only dish I didn’t enjoy purely due to personal taste. Bitter citrus flavours aren’t my thing
❓ Would I Order It Again? No

🌱 Beetroot dahl w/ cucumber raita
💰 £8.50
✏️ So damn good. Sweet, creamy, divine.
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Butternut squash, kale curry with red rice & roasted squash bits .
💰 £8.50
✏️ Heavenly. So many textures, sweet with a bit of heat
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Beetroot & apple w/ maple, thyme, salt, pecan & macadamia crumble
💰 £6.50
✏️ Both desserts are refined sugar free. Sweet but not overly, this was delightful
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱 Sea salt chocolate ganache w/ almond biscuits, maple hazelnuts & caramel sauce
💰 £6.50
✏️ SO GOOD. That sea salt. That sauce 🤤 .
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

📍 Location: Angel
🌾 GF Options: Yes (Every dish is it can be made GF)
🌱 100% Vegan? Yes
🏠 Type of Eatery: Trendy, casual
💰 Affordability: Reasonable
👩‍🍳 Service: Fantastic
🎶 Atmosphere: Chilled
📸 @jolley_chris & me
📦 Leftovers: Nope!

Disclaimer: This meal was complimentary but views are honest & my own

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