Tiger Bites – Shoreditch (Now Closed)

Sun’s out, buns out ☀️ {complimentary}

The kick ass team from @tigerbitesbao are currently nestled in the kitchen at @rotateshoreditch in Shoreditch serving up all of the bao-y goodness 😍 I first tried their food about a year ago and I have to say, I think it has improved since then!

🌱Kung Fu Panda Bao Bun w/ sriracha mayo, mustard pickles, sriracha sauce, fresh coriander, spring onions & chillies, topped with black sesame seeds
✏️ The sauce is super tasty – spicy but not OTT hot. The buns are fluffy like clouds – perfect texture! The “chicken” was a bit dense at times and didn’t pack quite enough flavour for me. I actually think I’d prefer some juicy mushrooms in here instead, to give the bun more moisture but my tastes are leaning more towards natural ingredients over seitan these days so it could just be personal. Still, I did enjoy it overall!
❓Order Again? Yes

🌱PB&J Bao Bun w/ coconut satay sauce, sweet chilli jam, fresh rocket & crushed nuts
✏️This was a little too sweet for my taste but Chris liked it! The sweet chilli jam is really nice, same view on the “chicken”
❓Order Again? No

🌱Muay Thai – Punchy peanut & shiitake mushroom ramen w/ carrots, beansprouts, coriander, spring onion & chilli
✏️I’m no ramen expert but I really enjoyed this! It had a lovely flavour and we added extra sriracha to give it a kick which worked well. LOVE the mushrooms and the generous serving of veg!
❓Order Again? Yes

🌱Korean Fried Cauliflower Wings, twice fried & served w/ a fiery gochujang sauce
✏️HOLY MOLY these are insane. They might be the best cauli wings I’ve ever had. They reminded me of that honey roasted flavour. Just incredible 👌🏼
❓Order Again? Yes

🌱Mac & Kimcheeze – creamy mac w/ kimchee twist & panko breadcrumbs .
✏️Absolutely loved this! Like LOVED this. The kimchee twist is a game changer! It’s not super creamy but also not dry or gloopy. Dreamy!
❓Order Again? Yes


📍 Location: Shoreditch
🌾 GF Options: Yes
🌱 100% Vegan? No
🏠 Type of Eatery: Casual cafe / bar
💰 Affordability: £
👩‍🍳 Service: Friendly
🎶 Atmosphere: Relaxed
📸 @jolley_chris & me
📦 Leftovers: Nope
🗺 Restaurant Map: Link in bio
📺 YouTube: Link in bio




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