AIRE Ancient Baths – Charing Cross

Sometimes it’s hard in a city like London to properly chill out, but it is possible.

AIRE Ancient Baths is a truly beautiful spa located near Charing Cross and fun fact, it’s actually built in the basement of JM Barrie’s house and he lived there while writing Peter Pan.

I visited for my birthday last year and I loved it so I was really excited to revisit and tell you all about it.

Basically, there are pools of different temperatures including a pool where you can float around, boiling hot pools and freezing cold pools.

You are given 90 minutes to explore and you can also book into other experiences. So, this time we went to the Blossom experience where your body is exfoliated, cleansed and massaged so you basically float out of the room feeling silky smooth.

Look, it’s not a cheap experience but it is a really nice thing to do for a special occasion and one that you’ll definitely remember.

Check out the video I put together about my experience here:

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