Mali Vegan – September 2021
Independent Restaurant

“We partnered with Clare one week after opening and it is one of the best decisions we have ever taken for our upstart restaurant. In a few posts she kindly has shared about us, the interest in what we do has gone through the roof. Not only were we inundated with enquiries and bookings (we’ve since had to assign someone solely to manage the bookings), but the posts alone took us from 200 followers to 1,800 followers over the space of two days. The day after the post went live, we experienced our best sales by far. Clare really understands her audience who engage with her posts unlike any influencers I’ve seen. One of the most common responses from our customers who follow her posts is that Clare is very honest and trustworthy in her reviews. She says things as what they are. This trust her massive followers have on her is the key difference from any other influencers. The impact she has on our small restaurant is beyond any expectation we had. We look forward to collaborating again.”