Cowcross Yards x KERB
“It was wonderful to have Clare down to promote the launch of our Vegan Backyards BBQ. We were so pleased with the amazing content she created, spotlighting the amazing KERB traders at the market. The reel was hugely successful and boosted traffic and engagement to our channel”.
Trinco at Oru

“Clare reviewed our new Sri-Lankan restaurant, Trinco, and we are over the moon with both the content she created and the impact it had on our business. The videos and photography are of such a high quality, with a detailed commentary that captured the business and values perfectly alongside her own personal experience. We noticed an immediate rise in followers on Instagram and subsequent bookings – we have never been so busy! Romesh Ranganathan even mentioned to Clare that he found our restaurant through her review.

It was wonderful working with her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any businesses who would like their vegan offerings to be showcased in a creative, professional and innovative way to a loyal and engaged online community.”

Mana’s Plant-Based Persian Cuisine 
“Clare reviewed our food at my first ever pop-up restaurant, Mana’s Plant-Based Persian Cuisine. Clare was incredibly kind, friendly, and very supportive. Clare’s post and review on Instagram and TikTok had an immediate changing impact on the business. Since Clare posted about the pop-up to her social media platforms, we were fully booked every single evening and most lunch times for the remaining 2 months of the pop-up, taking the stress off me and allowing me to focus on other responsibilities in the management of the pop-up. I honestly did not expect such an impact from her support. Clare’s review spread the word to her niche audience in a far-reaching way and largely contributed to the success and popularity of the pop-up. I am extremely grateful to Clare for visiting and supporting Mana’s Plant-Based Persian Cuisine and would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”
– Mana Shamshiri, Founder – Mana’s Plant-Based Persian Cuisine
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“After following The Little London Vegan for a while, her posts stood out to me so I decided to contact her for a recent promotion. I was completely bowled over by Clare’s professionalism, the simplicity and ease of how she brought my idea to life and finally the results, which were incredible. We saw an increase of around 1,000 followers and gained at least 300 restaurant bookings from a single post. I think what makes The Little London Vegan’s posts work so well is her in-depth descriptions, her stunning super-positive image style and also – very importantly – she is not afraid to be honest about things which are sometimes negative.
This sends the viewer a real message of integrity, you feel she is telling the truth at all times. I’m planning to ask Clare to do another promotion in the very near future, and I can’t wait!”
– Alexis Gauthier, owner
LD’s Kitchen
Vegan Fast Food Restaurant
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“Clare (TLLV) visited LD’s Kitchen when I first popped up in London over the summer and again when I came back to London to re-launch and start vegan roasts.

On both occasions we saw a sales increase of over 70% and on the last review we gained an extra 1000 followers and we’re fully booked for roasts most weeks, we still receive feedback that they had seen us on the LLV socials. I’ve never experienced even from my years as working in PR such an impact from social media posts. 

What I love about Clare’s content, one that it is highly professional but I love the honest feedback – To me that goes a long way and has helped us improve as business and develop. 

I feel a lot of Clare’s followers feel the same and to me that’s why Clare is to go to guide of the vegan scene in London as she is not just another influencer who is working for free food or writing positive reviews when she’s paid. Clare takes time, pride and is honest and I value her opinion as it’s always well constructed.   

I cannot recommend enough to work with Clarre and as my business develops I look forward to Clare working with me and the feedback on my food.”

Lianna Lee Davies – LD’s Kitchen – Owner / Head Chef 

Little Planted Kitchen 

Vegan Fast Food Delivery Service
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It was our first time working with a creator for Little Planted Kitchen, and we couldn’t have hoped for a more professional, friendly, and reliable person to guide us through this process. Clare was super helpful in the early stages, providing us with useful insights and recommendations for our menus which we really appreciated and took on board.

The whole process was smooth from start to finish. From the quality of content that was produced and the attention to detail, I felt that Clare had really taken the time to fully understand the brand and create something that was meaningful and engaging for her audience. 

We were overwhelmed by the response from Clare’s content. As a small business with no physical restaurants, we were delighted to hit our target for this campaign, and it’s all thanks to Clare! Needless to say, we would definitely work with Clare again!

Neat Burger 
Vegan Fast Food Chain
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At Neat Burger, we’ve had a great relationship with Clare for the past few years, working together several times. She’s been great to work with every time; professional, flexible and seriously efficient. 

In December 2022, Clare worked on a campaign to promote the launch of our new menu. On the day of filming, she ensured everything ran so smoothly and it was clear she really understood our brand and values. The content she filmed was excellent and we were so happy with the amount of engagement! Her video managed to capture everything we wanted to convey about Neat as a brand and the new menu items.

Her discount code is one on the most redeemed we have at Neat, which really demonstrates her influential position with the vegan community and beyond! A huge thanks to Clare to helping us spread the word about Neat with her epic content and honest reviews.

The Gnarbecue
Vegan Street Food Stall
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“In late October 2022 we were privileged to have Little London Vegan come down to try out a new dish we were selling for the first time at a Christmas location on the southbank.
Whilst we have a little brand recognition from 5 years of trading the vast majority of our custom by this point had been tourists, rather that people who had visited for us specifically, this all changed when Little London Vegan posted her reel on instagram and tiktok singing the praises (and pointing out contructive critique) of our dish.
Instantly we had sales where the customer mentioned that they were visiting because of the reel or Tiktok. On tourist heavy days the amount of Little London Vegan mentions would be roughly 30% of sales, on windswept tourist free days this would shoot up to 70%+! This has continued for over a month and does not currently show signs of subsiding.
We have also noticed a knock on effect, as Little London Vegan is obviously a tastemaker in the vegan food scene, other, smaller influencers have come and done their own reviews bringing in yet more customers. For example a swedish influencers’ recent post after trying the dish based on the LLV suggestion has led to an uptick in Swedish visitors mentioning see the dish online.
Comms before and after Clare’s posts were a delight and very informative. There is clearly a very deep love for, and trust in the quality of, her recommendations that we have heard from the mouths of countless customers over the last month. I could not recommend working with her more.
Jack Stones – Owner, The Gnarbecue.”


Jam N Vegan
Frozen Vegan Meal Business
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“Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to Clare for her professionalism and attitude towards Jam N Vegan! It really showed in the content produced and made my job 10x easier. Having worked with loads of content creators in the food and drink space, this truly was one of the best user generated content which put a real-life spin on our content.

Clare’s reel was engaging for new customers and captured everything about our brand in 1 minute. She spent the time to really understand our messaging and values. From pre-production through to posting it was seamless and we are so impressed and can’t wait to work more with Clare.

What really topped it off was Clare’s engagements on the posts, the hours put into community management was the icing on the cake! We had a massive increase in sales on the week of posting which really made our brand launch, and has bought 100’s of new customers into our audience. For anyone looking to strategise their influencer marketing, I would strongly recommend talking to Clare.”

– Lowri Allen (Marketing Manager, Jam N Vegan)

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 50,355 times, 1.7k likes, 206 comments, 562 saves, Gained the client roughly 700 followers and 120 people used the discount code. 

Vegan Restaurant, South East London
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“We have been trading as a restaurant for 3 years – since October 2019, but because we opened just before the pandemic and are positioned in a residential area we have struggled to pull in the customers we need. Our main problem has been exposure. As part of an effort to change this we collaborated with Clare from The Little London Vegan. The experience was great from start to finish! Clare is such a pro, lovely to work with and makes everything super easy. We loved having her in and sharing what we do with her. So far it has been the single thing we have done that has had the most clear, tangible effect. We have seen both a surge of online followers and have many new customers coming in mentioning that they have seen us through one of the little london vegans channels. It’s made a huge difference to us. Thank you Clare!”
from Anne, co-owner of naifs restaurant

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 49,157 times, 1.75k likes, 81 comments, 685 saves. Gained the client roughly 350 followers.

Online Food Marketplace
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“It was a pleasure working with Clare. She totally understood the brief and direction we were going with to promote our new vegan sellers on the platform.

The campaign was executed to perfection and was one of the most successful influencer campaigns we have run with instant results and engagement. We saw a new audience following and purchasing our products.

Clare is very passionate about working with a diverse range of creators which also aligned perfectly with our brand values.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Charles Founder, &Dine

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 45,175 times, 1.5k likes, 108 comments, 438 saves, Gained the client roughly 350 followers 


Benji’s Buns
Independent Bakery
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“Clare is AMAZING. Words cannot describe the wonders she has done for my business. We now have queues of customers daily and business is booming! She truly is a magician! Thank you to the world’s best food blogger ever!”

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 82,000 times, 2.9k likes, 275 comments, 790 saves, gained the client roughly 550 followers.

TikTok Video Results – Content was viewed 35,000 times, 2.8k likes, 69 comments, 134 shares, 610 saves


Mat’s Fat Subs 
Independent Street Food Stall
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“Clare came down to try one of our new vegan subs, pleasure to meet her and she had some banging vegan product suggestions for us too! Couple of days later our video went up and…..booom! Aside from the plentiful new followers we had the vegan sub go crackers, so many people coming to try and loving it, sales equalled our chicken sub (trust me that’s saying something). Lots of peeps mentioning her name too, I’m hoping she’ll come and give our new ones a go soon!”

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 46,000 times, 1.5k likes, 106 comments, 372 saves, Gained the client roughly 300 followers.


The Royal Duchy Hotel 
Independent Hotel
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“Having recently launched a vegan menu at our hotel, we invited Clare to try it out. We have been really impressed with her influence so far since her organic social activity has already resulted in a huge increase in Instagram followers and lots of new interest in our vegan offering. We loved Clare’s laid-back and honest approach to influencing and she has been a pleasure to work with since we first reached out.”

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 51,000 times, 1.9k likes, 552 comments, 552 saves, Gained the client roughly 120 followers.

TikTok Video Results – Content was viewed 10,000 times, 846 likes, 33 comments, 18 shares, 152 saves


Tofu Vegan
Independent Restaurant
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“To say that Clare has had a huge impact on our business would be a gross understatement. Clare visited when we first opened and gained us over 3,000 new followers in a day. Our phone lines and booking system were inundated with requests and we estimate that for months after her visit, roughly 30% of our customers came through her. We have since worked with her twice more and the results have been the same each time. We cannot recommend Clare enough!”

Instagram Grid Post Results – Content reached 74,000 people, 6.2k likes,  419 comments, 1,357 saves, Gained the client roughly 2,700 followers. in 24 hours

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 82,000 times, 2.9k likes, 275 comments, 790 saves, Gained the client roughly 550 followers.

TikTok Video Results – The content was played 173,000 times, 16k likes, 257 comments, 1,607 shares, 1,694 saves


Vegan Planet 
Independent Restaurant
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“The Little London Vegan came to our restaurant to taste and review our dishes, she was affable and friendly, bringing a truly positive vibe into the restaurant. Her professionalism and efficiency were second to none, and within a couple of days of her visit we were inundated with new customers (we received 130 bookings alone on the day of her review). Additionally, her videography and photography skills are excellent and generated a large amount of traffic to our booking system, We also gained over 1,000 Instagram followers in two days, so I would highly recommend The Little London Vegan for any projects that you have in the pipeline.”

Instagram Grid Post Results – Content reached 48,000 people, 3.7k likes, 263 comments, 868 saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers

Instagram Reel Results – Content was viewed 61,900 times, 3.5k likes, 210 comments, 1.1k saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers.

TikTok Video Results – The content was viewed 115,000 times, 13k likes, 159 comments, 795 shares, 1.9k saves


The Omni Collective 
Independent Restaurant
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“We were thrilled to collaborate with Clare as we approached our 6 month of being open. Not only was her content of our restaurant and food incredibly detailed and thorough, but she is known for her honesty so her followers really value her reviews. Immediately our following went up by 2000 in about 2 days, with our restaurant being fully booked for the 2 weeks afterwards and bookings continuing until we close for Christmas. It increased our daytime sales as well, especially on weekends, with our Saturday daytimes also being fully booked. We’re hugely grateful for the collaboration and hope to work together again soon as we come into Veganuary!”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 47,000 people, 3.7k likes, 176 comments, 704 saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers

TikTok Video Results – The content was viewed 42,000 times, 3.5k likes, 35 comments, 288 shares, 476 saves


Mali Vegan
Independent Restaurant
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“We partnered with Clare one week after opening and it is one of the best decisions we have ever taken for our upstart restaurant. In a few posts she kindly has shared about us, the interest in what we do has gone through the roof. Not only were we inundated with enquiries and bookings (we’ve since had to assign someone solely to manage the bookings), but the posts alone took us from 200 followers to 1,800 followers over the space of two days. The day after the post went live, we experienced our best sales by far. Clare really understands her audience who engage with her posts unlike any influencers I’ve seen. One of the most common responses from our customers who follow her posts is that Clare is very honest and trustworthy in her reviews. She says things as what they are. This trust her massive followers have on her is the key difference from any other influencers. The impact she has on our small restaurant is beyond any expectation we had. We look forward to collaborating again.”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 74,000 people, 6.2k likes, 419 comments, 1,357 saves, Gained the client roughly 2,700 followers. in 24 hours

Instagram Reel Results – The content was viewed 81,200 times, 4.1k likes, 183 comments, 1.5k saves, Gained the client roughly 800 followers.

TikTok Video Results – The content was viewed 173,000 times, 16k likes, 257 comments, 1,607 shares, 1,694 saves


Refuel Your Soul 
Independent Restaurant

“I couldn’t be more proud to have had The Little London Vegan at RYS. She was really honest and did what every business needs by providing a true and trustworthy review! This is what every single business needs – an honest review! After her visit the impact was crazy! The boost it gave our sales was so incredibly helpful. I will never regret having her and will always support her work.”

Instagram Grid Post Results – the content reached 35,000 people, 2.6k likes, 151 comments, 455 saves, Gained the client roughly 1,100 followers

Instagram Reel Results – The content was viewed 57,000 times, 2.5k likes, 78k comments, 790 saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers.

TikTok Video Results – The content was viewed 61,000 times, 5.8k likes, 56k comments, 449 shares, 736 saves


Halo Burger
Independent Restaurant

“We collaborated with Clare on a competition, giving away a number of meals with the entry mechanism being to follow us on Instagram. Within 24 hours of the post going live, our following grew substantially. These followers have continued to engage with our content, reassuring us that Clare’s following is not only vast, but authentic and highly engaged, too. We’re now working on another campaign with Clare and would highly recommend her services.”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 60,000 people, 3.4k likes, 3.3k comments, 86 saves


Independent Restaurant
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“When starting this brand, we knew exactly who we wanted to work with. There was only ever going to be one person who could take us from 280 followers to over 7,000 in just 5 days. Clare surpassed our expectations by sending our video viral on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter with millions of views on her content (and our products). It’s not just her large audience of 110k that brought us so much value, her creative ability means she knows exactly how to get the most engaging post out of your brand. We estimate that 70% of our orders are coming from Instagram, showing just how crucial her work was for us. Oh, and I have to mention how lovely she is, a truly great all-round person and businessperson”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 65,000 people, 3.8k likes, 1.8k comments, 102 saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers

Instagram Reel Results – The content was viewed 86,700 times,, 19.6k likes, 1k comments, 3.3k saves, Gained the client roughly 1,000 followers.

TikTok Video Results – The content was viewed 2.8 million times, 167k likes, 6.4k comments, 3k shares, 4.8k saves


Cafe Van Gogh 
Independent Restaurant
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“I’m really happy to recommend Clare to grow sales at your business, and I’m able to cite a very concrete example of this. We reached out to Clare to help us promote our Sunday lunch, and raise our follower base on Instagram. Clare attended, took beautiful photos, captioned a witty and creative review. Following her post, our followers increased by 300 on the first day. The following Sunday we had our first queue at the café, something that has been sustained ever since.”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 40,000 people, 1.6k likes, 110 comments, 144 saves


The Birds
Independent Restaurant

“When we first launched our vegan menu, we invited Clare to try it out. Her Instagram post and stories resulted in a huge influx of followers for us and subsequently an increase in new vegan customers. In addition, her post also sparked interest amongst other influencers who also visited and helped further increase our reach / following. Clare’s reviews are always honest and her following appreciate that although she has been invited / paid, they can trust her to give genuine feedback”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 20,000 people, 1.8k likes, 205 comments, 190 saves


Rudy’s DVD 
Independent Restaurant

“Clare is just as lovely as she seems on her social media. She’s the “girl next door” and you can instantly tell why everyone loves her when you meet her! She was dedicated to getting the perfect shot and the night she posted her stories, our followers began to rise. Soon after the IG, Facebook & Twitter posts, our followers boomed. We received comments stating that they were going to visit us because of her. It was great to see more people becoming aware of our diner due to her influence. It was a treat to meet her and we look forward to working with her again!”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 25,000 people, 2.9 likes, 270 comments, 397 saves


Rogue Vegan
Independent Restaurant

“From Clare’s post, we gained genuine recognition in the vegan community as well as more followers on social media and a broader audience for our brand. We have had a growth in customers come in from her post and more group bookings also. Her post and support has been invaluable to us and we appreciate the amazing photography and professionalism on her part along the way”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 20,000 people, 1.8k likes, 136 comments, 270 saves


Independent Restaurant

“We loved working with Clare, she was highly professional and captured some great images that went out to her very target focused audience. As a result we saw an immediate spike in sales. We would ould highly recommend Clare to anyone thinking of working with her. Well worth the money!”

Instagram Grid Post Results – The content reached 50,000 people, 2.4k likes,, 931 comments, 305 saves