Christmas Burger

Best burger I’ve ever made… honest 😉 ⁣

Ok so every year, @honestburgers’ Christmas burger looks absolutely and undeniably UNREAL but sadly they still haven’t created a vegan version 😭 So, I decided to take on the challenge and create one myself 😏⁣

Meet the VEGAN CHRISTMAS BURGER 🎄 made with a vegan burger bun, @beyondmeat patty, “bacon”, deep fried Camembert (I used Camembert cheese cut in half from @theartyvegan), rocket and cranberry sauce. Oh, and I made some crisp roasties using @honestburgers’ chips seasoning just to finish it all off 🥔 ⁣

Un-freaking-believable 🍔 It’s simple but it’s excellent (if I do say so myself). Obviously vegan cheese doesn’t ooze in the same way non-vegan cheese does but it was creamy and added a lovely moist texture to the burger. The crisp breadcrumbs added crunch, the cranberry sauce added sweetness and the bacon and the patty added a beautiful smokiness 🔥 ⁣

I really can’t wait to eat this again. @honestburgers – let me know if you want to collab 😛

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