Mixed Salad Bowl

When your lunch setup is incredi”bowl” 🥣⁣

This mish mash of bits and pieces is a food waste fighters dream 😍 I included some leftovers from last week’s dinners as well as using some of my tinned cupboard staples which have been gathering dust.⁣

Here’s what’s in the bowl:⁣
🍆 Soft tofu, aubergine and mushrooms in a Thai panang paste⁣
🍅 Fresh cherry tomatoes⁣
🌱 Grilled artichokes⁣
🥬 Spinach, onion & garlic sautéed in in sesame oil⁣
🌱 Roasted paprika, cumin & coriander chickpeas⁣
🌱 Charred asparagus⁣
🥘 Jackfruit, sweet potato, spinach & courgette curry with creamed coconut⁣

I could eat bowls like this all day long. I’ve also been drooling over @rgveganfood’s bowls recently so am planning to visit a local specialised supermarket to start cooking with ingredients I’ve not used much before ♥️ ⁣

What kind of things have you guys found yourself cooking up at home recently?

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