TikTok Feta Pasta

Life is “feta” with pasta 🍝 ⁣

I decided to whip up a vegan version of the famous baked feta recipe that’s doing the rounds online 🧀 ⁣

As far as I can see from some research, the original recipe was created by Finnish blogger @liemessa who named it ‘uunifetapasta’ 🍝 Please correct me if I’m wrong and this was done elsewhere first!⁣

Here’s my slightly modified vegan version:⁣
🍝 Add one block of vegan feta to the middle of a baking dish⁣
🍝 Surround it with tomatoes (I used plum)⁣
🍝 Add some crushed garlic (I’d probably chop mine even finer and spread around next time) salt, pepper, herbs (I used basil and oregano), lemon zest and a generous amount of olive oil⁣
🍝 Pop in the oven at 180 for 30 mins⁣ (sorry, know it says 20 in the video)
🍝 Remove from the oven and mix it all together⁣
🍝 Add 200g of cooked pasta⁣
🍝 Top with vegan parmesan. I’d also add some fresh basil leaves next time but I forgot to pick them up⁣

🧀 I’m not sure vegan feta works in quite the same way as the sauce was a lot thinner and oilier than the non-vegan recipes I’d seen. I would’ve liked it to be a bit thicker⁣. Might try it with a nut based cheese or maybe a combo of different cheeses next time
👅 Taste-wise it was nice, quite sweet (as you’d expect from vegan cheese) and quite salty. I did actually add some salt to this recipe as well but I don’t think you need it as the cheese is salty enough⁣
🍅 Not bad, I’m not hurrying back to make it but its a quick, easy dinner ⁣

Have you tried it yet? 🤔

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