Pancake Cereal

What are these? Pancakes for ants? 🥞🐜⁣

I decided it was about time to jump on the pancake cereal trend (similar to Poffertjes or Dutch pancakes which have been around for a long time but without the yeast element), especially given that I seem to have developed a sweet tooth during lockdown. Is it just me? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⁣

🥞 You can make these using your normal pancake batter mix, then pop the mix into a squeezy bottle to get the most control when putting them in your frying pan (thanks for the tip @virtually_vegan). Fry as normal, top with your faves. I went for raspberries, strawberries, maple syrup & salted caramel peanut butter 🍓🥜🤤 Easy peasy! 🥞⁣

Here’s how I made them using @buzzfeedtasty’s pancake mix recipe:⁣

🥞 Ingredients⁣
🌱 125g flour⁣
🌱 2 tbsp sugar⁣
🌱 1 tbsp baking powder⁣
🌱 ½ tsp salt⁣
🌱 240ml non-dairy milk⁣
🌱 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar⁣
🌱 1 tsp vanilla⁣
🌱 Maple syrup & toppings of your choice to serve⁣

🥞 Method⁣
🌱 In a bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking powder & salt⁣
🌱 In a separate bowl, mix almond milk, apple cider vinegar & vanilla⁣
🌱 Pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture and whisk until smooth⁣
🌱 Let batter rest for 5 mins⁣
🌱 Pour batter into a squeezy bottle if you have one (optional)⁣
🌱 Place batter into nonstick frying pan, creating lots of mini pancake shapes (over medium heat)⁣
🌱 When the tops begin to bubble, flip them and cook until golden⁣
🌱 Place aside and continue to cook the rest of your mixture (took around three rounds for me so you might want to keep them warm in the oven)⁣
🌱 Serve with maple syrup and toppings⁣

Easy! Let me know if you try them 🥰

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