Outdoor Sports Screens – Vinegar Yard


Had such a top day yesterday watching @lionesses win the womens euros at @vinegaryardldn 🏆 It’s been an absolute delight watching them this whole tournament – they’ve played superbly, always stayed positive and you could feel their passion through the screen.

This tournament was the perfect chance to show people just how far women in football have come and I’m certain it’s brought in a lot of new fans and dispelled some outdated myths.

I’ve played football since I was in school – womens five a side, mixed five a side, regular eleven a side – but it always felt like it wasn’t taken as seriously – far less funding, worse pitches, sometimes we’d turn up and there were no linesmen because that just wasn’t a priority. Not to mention the ridicule and sexism a lot of us had to endure.

So, I can’t even imagine how inspiring it must be for young girls to watch this tournament and to have footballing icons to aspire to. And what icons – the players seem so lovely, driven and humble.

I loved seeing all of the dads take their daughters to the game, I love that Wembley was sold out, I loved watching @wrightyofficial & @alexscott2 discuss every game, and of course, I loved seeing England bring home the title 🏆

Now I’m off to watch @ellatoone chip the keeper for the six hundredth time 👏🏼

PS Had a Bad Boy Pizza Society pizza while I was there. It was okay but I’d prefer something a bit more exciting!

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