Sesame “Halloumi” with Freekeh & Jalapeño Yoghurt

Oh so someone told you vegans couldn’t come to BBQs, huh? 🔥 FILTHY, FILTHY LIES. {ad}

@violife_foods and I are here to show you that, this summer, us vegans can join in too. Maybe we can even do… better 😏

I used @violife_foods’ ‘Mediterranean style grill me’ to create the most delightful dish which everyone can tuck into:

🧀 Sesame “halloumi” with agave syrup on top of a freekeh, cherry tomato, lemon, red onion, parsley, pomegranate & coriander salad on a bed of jalapeño yoghurt 🤤

This is so easy to make and absolutely overflowing with flavour 🔥 Here’s how I did it:
🧀 Coat the @violife_foods in sesame seeds and grill it for 4-5 mins on each side. I added my agave syrup after as I prefer it this way but you can add before cooking if you like (or both)
🌶 Pop 300g vegan Greek “yoghurt”, 1/2 juiced lemon & 50g pickled jalapeños into a blender and blend until smooth
🥗 Cook 500g of freekeh and then add it to a bowl with 200g cherry tomatoes, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 chopped red onion, 1 juiced lemon, handful of chopped coriander & parsley and 50g pomegranate seeds

If you can’t see space in your calendar this summer because of the 3,000 barbies you have booked in, you might be interested to know that @violife_foods has launched a BBQ box packed with some of the @violife_foods faces, some BBQ tips to help you out as well as a recipe. You can pick it up from @sainsburys now ☺️

Recipe inspiration credit: @olivemagazine / @adambushfood

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🖤 Violife have assured me that they work with a diverse range of bloggers

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