“Fish” Tacos

Trying to “scale” back your fish consumption? 🐟 {ad}

Meet @finnebrogue_naked’s “naked without the splash” no fish goujons 🐠

It’s pretty common knowledge now that it’s important to swap out animal products where we can, whether it’s for the sake of our health, the environment or animal welfare 🐟 If you want to know more, check out @seaspiracy on netflix.

Fish is one of the foods I miss the most, I’ll be honest. So, I welcome products like these “fish” goujons with my arms. open. wide. 👐🏼

🌮 I decided to make some “fish” tacos with them and they did the trick very nicely indeed. I also added spicy vegan mayo, chopped tomatoes, red cabbage, avocado & coriander. Such an easy meal to chuck together!

Here are the important bits you need to know about the products:

🐠 Just like fish, these are a good source of omega 3 so you don’t have to worry about where your brain power is coming from 🧠
🌍 For those of you wondering about sustainability, they’re Eco-score B (from a sustainability grading system of A-G from @fdnearth)
💭 They don’t taste identical to fish but they do have a subtle fishy flavour. I really like the soft, fluffy texture contrasting against the crisp batter. I wouldn’t have minded a touch more seaweed in there because I love the fish taste but I know a lot of you prefer it subtle so you’ll like this!
💰 £3.00
📍 @sainsburys
🌾 Gluten free? No
🖤 @finnebrogue_naked works with a diverse range of bloggers

Have you tried them before? “Cod” you see yourself giving them a go? Lemme know! 🐠

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