Pork Style Wontons

“Recreating restaurant dishes” – Pork-style vegan wontons recipe 🥟

In episode five, I teamed up with my friend @ellysplate to create a dish inspired by one of our fave spots – pork style vegan wontons with a dipping sauce. Our muse is the one and only @tofuveganlondon 🤤

Ingredients for the pork-style vegan wontons recipe
🌱 Wonton wrappers

Wonton mix
🌱 6 sausages (we used @richmond_foods)
🌱 1/2 Chinese cabbge
🌱 1 tbsp salt (for the cabbage)
🌱 Spring onions
🌱 1 red chilli (chopped)
🌱 1 tbsp soy sauce
🌱 1 tbsp rice wine
🌱 1 tsp sugar
🌱 1 tsp sesame oil
🌱 4 cloves garlic (minced)
🌱 1 thumb size piece of ginger

🌱 1 tbsp light soy sauce
🌱 1 tbsp sugar
🌱 Half a bunch of spring onions
🌱 2 tbsp chilli oil
🌱 2 tbsp black vinegar
🌱 1 tbsp minced ginger
🌱 4 cloves garlic (minced)

🌱 Spring onions & chilli oil

🌱 Start by chopping your napa cabbage
🌱 Add some salt to draw out moisture
🌱 Leave it for ten mins then squeeze out the liquid
🌱 Add the wonton ingredients (apart from wrappers) and sausage meat to a bowl and mix
🌱 Add some of the mixture to your wonton wrapper, add a dash of water to one side and then fold. Then crimp the wrapper like so until it’s folded all the way across
🌱 Add some water to the bottom of a pan with a steamer in. Cut some baking paper to fit your steamer, pierce some holes in it and pop in your wontons. Leave to steam for 8-10 mins and remove
🌱 In a bowl, mix the sauce ingredients then add your wontons
🌱 Mix together, top with more spring onions & chilli oil and enjoy!

How did we do? Any areas we can improve? Let us know if you use this recipe!

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