Creamy Greek Yoghurt Pasta

Opa! 🇬🇷 @alpro’s creamy Greek style has arrived and she’s thiccc {ad}

Alpro are encouraging people to eat their way to a better planet 🌍 So, if you’re looking to make little, positive changes for the sake of your planet or your health, what better place to start that than with a creamy pasta?! 😏🍝

“But how does eating @alpro have any impact on the planet?” I hear you ask. Well, their products have:
🌎 Low CO2 footprint
💦 Low water footprint
♻️ 88% plant-based pack packaging with an 18% reduction in CO2 packaging

Taste-wise, I’ve never thought of using Greek style to make a creamy sauce but it works so well. It’s thick but still feels light. It’s also packed to the brim with protein so it’s a bloody delicious way to get that into your diet 💪🏼 It’s a little sweeter but I kinda like that.

This dish is also SO simple. Takes 15 mins max! Ideal for a lazy but delicious dinner ☺️

Click here for the recipe. Let me know if you give this a whirl! 🍝

Also lastly just want to give some recipe inspo credit to @cremedelacrumb1 ♥️

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