Sons and Daughters – Kings Cross

I appear to be in the midst of a ‘sandwiches by the canal’ series and I’m absolutely fine with it 🥪

This week, my little sarnie outing was to Sons & Daughters in King’s Cross. Here’s what I tried:

📍 @s_and_d_wich at @coaldropsyard
🥪 The Vegan Sandwich with organic chickpeas, “magic” mayo salad, pickled cauliflower and beetroot, napa cabbage, crispy kale, sherry vinaigrette on granary bread
💰 £9 – As someone pointed out in the comments, would be curious to know why this is the same price as the meaty options
💭 In theory, this sandwich is right up my street. All of the ingredients are dreamy and while I did enjoy it, I also felt like something was missing.
🌱 I loved the sweet yet sharp pickled beetroot and cauli which both retain some crunch and bite. Initially I thought the cauli should’ve been in smaller chunks but it grew on me. When you bite into the middle of the sandwich and get a big chunk, it’s lovely.
🍞 The bread is beautiful – so soft and fluffy and ideal for a sandwich. The crusts are a little tough in places for me but I know some people like that. Personally, it made my jaw ache a little 😄
🥬 There are so many nice contrasting textures – especially the crunchy kale and creamy, chunky chickpeas. I just felt like there wasn’t quite as much flavour as I was expecting. I can’t help comparing it to the sub I had from @impeccablesubs last week and for me, it wasn’t quite on the same level
🌱 I will say that I’m loving the focus on natural ingredients in sandwiches. I really hope that the next wave we see in veganism is more creativity with plants
⚠️ Warning: Sandwiches may be chunkier than they appear in the photo. It wasn’t pretty to eat this (that’s how it should be). I’m sure lots of people had a good laugh at me trying to hold this with one hand and photograph it with the other 😄
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? I think I would if I was in the area, especially as there aren’t many vegan options around @coaldropsyard. Props to S&D for having one and putting serious effort into it 👏🏼

🥪 Have you tried this? What did you think?

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