Thai Panang Curry

I’ve got a pang for Panang 😍

So, the team at @tescofood recently challenged me to make the most of my extra time at home by veganising one of their Fake-Away recipes ♥️⁣

They have *thousands* of recipes on their website but I had my heart set on the Panang as soon as I saw it 😍⁣

Panang curry, is a thick, creamy, rich curry usually made with chicken or beef, which originated in Thailand (despite some claims that it’s Malaysian) 🇹🇭⁣

Verdict? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Well, let me tell ya. I was SO impressed 👏🏼 This *miiiight* have just taken top spot as the best dish I’ve cooked during lockdown 🤤 ⁣

What beautiful depth of flavour this had. Creamy, rich, thick, just stunning. I decided to use regular tofu (not firm) in my dish and it worked an absolute treat ♥️ It soaked up the flavours really well. Stunning. I actually liked the dish so much that I cooked it again last week and added aubergine which worked well too 🍆⁣

Here’s the link for anyone who wants to make it for themselves 👀 ⁣


Here are the ingredients you’ll need:⁣

🥘 Panang Paste⁣
1 shallot⁣
4 garlic cloves⁣
1 red chilli⁣
2 sticks lemongrass⁣
1 tsp chilli flakes⁣
1 whole star anise⁣
1 tsp ground cumin⁣
1 tsp ground coriander⁣
½ tsp ground cinnamon⁣
1/8 tsp ground cardamom⁣
1 tsp salt⁣
½ tsp ground white pepper⁣
4 dry kaffir lime leaves⁣
1 lime, juice only⁣

🥘 For the curry⁣
100g unsalted peanuts⁣
1 tbsp groundnut oil⁣
400ml tin coconut milk⁣
4 dried kaffir lime leaves⁣
2 tbsp palm sugar⁣
2-3 tbsp vegan fish sauce⁣
500g regular soft tofu⁣
1 lime⁣
handful Thai basil leaves⁣
1 red chilli⁣
Thai jasmine rice⁣

If any of you try it (and I highly recommend you do), let me know what you think ♥️⁣

🖤 Diversity: @tescofood‘s Influencer agency assured me that they invited a diverse range of bloggers to this campaign⁣

{*for this campaign, I donated some of my fee to @thelovelandfoundationwhich provides therapy for Black women and girls, set up by @rachel.cargle}⁣

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