Cross The Tracks

If saying “platty joobs” is wrong, I don’t wanna be right 🤷🏼‍♀️

Spent the last day of the long weekend getting soaked at @xthetracks festival with friends. Was mainly there to see @khruangbin who didn’t disappoint but I also get so excited about street food at festivals.

The queues were about 45 mins long 😴 so I knew I had to choose my one dish wisely. I went for a naan stuffed with grilled, spiced aubergine, crisp onion bhaji, salad and chutney from @enternaania. Delicious 😍

Then my boyf surprised me with spicy fries from @omdhotdogs. I did try and grab a hotdog from them too but they sold out of vegan options 😔 (we love to see it though) 🌱 👏🏼

I was also super happy to find @inchscider at the festival! I’m currently partnered with them so that was a nice surprise! (This isn’t part of the ad campaign by the way, I just really love their cider) ♥️

What’s the best street food you’ve ever had at a festival? My eyes still light up whenever I see @clubmexicana at a festival 😍

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