Mushroom Mac & Cheese

Just because we have to stay in”cider”, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun 🥳🍎 {ad}⁣

The team from @sxolliecider sent me some of their, quite frankly, bloody beautiful craft ciders to try this week 😍 ⁣

They’ve just been voted “World’s Best Cider” so I knew it was going to be good 🙌🏼 ⁣

They’re 100% vegan 🌱 they’re refreshing 😛 they’re sweet (but not too sweet) 🥰 , they don’t leave you bloated (hoorah) and my housemates who work in the beer industry were also raving about them. The praise doesn’t get much higher than that 👏🏼⁣

You’ve got three flavours to choose from – golden delicious, Granny Smith & cripps pink 🍏⁣

I did a little research and found that cider pairs well with creamy pasta dishes, so I whipped up @lucywatson’s mushroom mac & cheese to accompany it 🍄🧀 I’ve popped the recipe in my bio for you but here’s what you’ll need:⁣

🍝 Dried macaroni⁣

🍄 Dried wild mushrooms (you can use others. I just used more chestnut and skipped the dried mushroom section)⁣

🧈 Vegan butter⁣

🍄 Chesnut mushrooms⁣

🧄 Garlic cloves⁣

🌿 Thyme leaves (I used dried)⁣

🧂 Salt & black pepper ⁣

🌱 Plain flour ⁣

🥛 Almond milk⁣

🌿 Nutmeg⁣

🧀 Nutritional yeast⁣

🧀 Vegan cheddar cheese (I used @violife_foods) ⁣

🧀 Vegan Parmesan cheese (I used @greenvie_dairyfree)⁣

Hope you get a chance to enjoy this tasty pairing! Let me know if you give the cider or @lucywatson’a recipe a go! 🥰⁣


📍 @sxolliecider – available for purchase on their website⁣⁣

💰 £20 for 8⁣⁣

♻️ Packaging: ⁣Recyclable bottles, cardboard packaging⁣⁣

🌾 Gluten free? Yes⁣⁣

📝 Ingredients: 100% fresh pressed apples and pears, no added sugar, all locally sourced⁣

🤷🏼‍♀️Order again? Yes⁣

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