Recipe: Vanilla & chocolate millefeuille 🥮

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In episode four of my “recreating restaurant dishes” series, my good friend and French pastry chef @chefclarisseflon shows me how to recreate her fave dish from childhood.

▫️ 500 ml plant milk
▫️ 50g Cornflour
▫️ 100g Sugar
▫️ 1 tbsp Vanilla seed paste
▫️ 100g Margarine
▫️ 1 block Puff Pastry
▫️ 60g Icing sugar
▫️ 100G + 50g Dark choc

1. Dust the puff pastry with flour, roll to 4mm thickness
2. Using a sieve, sprinkle the pastry with icing sugar (both sides)
3. Bake at 170c between 2 upside down baking trays until caramelised. It can take 20-40 mins depending on oven. Pastry should be golden with no white (uncooked) patches
4. Once the pastry cools, cut into 3 equal rectangles (trim sides so the layers look even)

1. Pour 500ml plant milk into a saucepan with the vanilla seed paste, mix regularly so it doesn’t burn
2. Combine 50g of cornflour & 100g of sugar in a mixing bowl
3. When your milk comes to a boil, lower the heat to medium then pour a small amount (to prevent lumps) into the cornflour/sugar and mix well (should be no powder left)
4. Pour back into the pan with the rest of the milk and mix with a whisk on medium heat until it thickens & bubbles, mix for another minute to cook the cornflour
5. Take the creme off the heat and add the margarine, mix until combined
6. Separate the mix in 2 and add 100g of chocolate to one
7. Pour into two containers and cling film to contact (clingfilm should touch the surface to avoid bacteria harbouring in the steam pockets and a skin forming)

1. Prepare two piping bags (one chocolate, one vanilla creme) and pipe choc onto the first layer of pastry
2. Top with another layer of pastry and pipe vanilla on
4. On a bain marie, melt the rest of the choc and fill a piping bag with it
5. In a bowl, mix 60g of icing sugar with 1 tsp of aquafaba or water to the consistency of yoghurt
6. On your final pastry layer, pour the icing sugar mix and spread to cover
7. Create lines of choc horizontally on the icing sugar mix
8. Drag a knife vertically in the mix to create the decor
9. Set the last layer on top
10. Enjoy!

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