Mushroom Scallops

I would offer to share this dish but I’m feeling “shellfish” 🙃

Continuing the seafood theme, I only went and made myself some vegan “scallops” using king oyster mushrooms didn’t I? 🍄

I’ve tried cooking these a few different ways now but my fave way is just searing them for a few mins each side in a pan with some salt and olive oil 🧂

I also score them 🔪 One because it helps them soak up any flavours if marinating. Two, because it looks legit. Three, it makes me feel like Gordon Ramsey 👩‍🍳

🌊 I’ve tried making them with vegan fish sauce, soy sauce etc but actually prefer them without. I don’t need them to taste overly fishy because I love the flavour of king oysters anyway but I do add some nori flakes on top for extra pizzazz 👐🏼 If I’m feeling *really* jazzy, I add some tiny crunchy vegan bacon bits too ‘cos salt is life 🧂

The minted pea purée is stupidly easy to make too. I used a recipe from @thespruceeats:
🌿 Bring 2 cups water to a boil
🌿 Add 300g garden peas, 1/4 cup fresh mint, pinch of salt and bring to the boil
🌿 Reduce heat and simmer
🌿 Drain and then mash using a masher or a blender
🌿 Season to taste

Ready in roughly 20 mins and looks wayyy more difficult than it really is 😏

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