Pepper Cod Alfredo

They said it “cod”n’t be done 🐟

🍴 Recipe: Veganised Pepper Shrimp Alfredo. Original non-vegan recipe: @originalflava 🍤

When I saw @originalflava post this recipe, I just knew I had to veganise it 🤤

🍤 I ventured out yesterday to find some vegan prawns but none of the stores near me stocked any. I did, however, spot some TKC “vegetarian cod” in and decided to give it a whirl instead.

🍤 I often find vegan prawns don’t pack much flavour anyway so I was hoping this would give me that fishiness I was after. AND OH BOY, DID IT 😱

🍤 This is up there with the @odontellafrance smoked salmon for one of the best fish replacements I’ve tried. They’re a proper game changer – I have so many ideas for fishy dishes I want to replicate now. It would work especially well as a sub in a fish and chip dish 🙌🏼

Anyway, it did the trick in this dish too. I defrosted it and oven baked it at 180 for five mins, then added the marinade (I know this isn’t the normal way to do things) and let it sit for five mins before adding it to the pan right at the end to let the flavours combine.

🧈 The rest of the recipe I followed in the same way. The only other swaps I made were vegan butter and vegan parmesan 🧀

Here’s what you’ll need:
🍤 TKC Vegetarian Cod
🍝 Pasta (I used linguine as that’s what I had)
🧂Salt & pepper
🌱 Paprika
🌶 Chilli flakes
🌶 Scotch bonnet pepper
🌱 Olive oil
🧅 Onion
🧄 Garlic
🧈 Vegan butter
🥥 Coconut cream
🌱 All purpose seasoning
🧀 Vegan parmesan
🌿 Parsley & chilli flakes for garnish

Check out @originalflava’s page for the full recipe. Takes 20 mins so such a quick, easy dinner idea!

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