Jamaican Stew Peas, Macaroni Cheese

Does it get any “cheddar” than this? 😍⁣

If you didn’t already know: @livityplantbasedcuisine is a pop-up stall in South London (as well as a supper club and currently a meal delivery service) serving up Ital food – all-natural food from the Rastafaria movement in Jamaica. It’s owned and run by two amazing vegan Queens Kareema & Kaleema 👑 ⁣

I‘d arranged to visit them just before lockdown started so when that got cancelled, I bought their recipe book instead and I‘m so excited that I finally got to bring two of the dishes to life 😍🇯🇲⁣

Enter stage left: Jamaican stew peas and macaroni cheese 🤤 ⁣

The macaroni cheese was thick, creamy and comforting 🥰 All the things a mac should be. It was also super easy to make – took about 15 mins. The dream.⁣

The Jamaica stew peas dish was beautiful – sweet and coconutty 🤤 and again, so quick! This was also my first time making my own Jamaican spinners / dumplings and I was surprised at how quick it was 🙏🏻

I didn’t have scotch bonnet so I had to replace with Thai chillies which probably gave more of a subtle heat but it was tasty nonetheless 🌶 For those who are looking at the dish, wondering where the peas are, beans are referred to as peas in the Caribbean. So, this dish is focused around kidney beans. Beaut.⁣

10/10, would eat again. If you want to make this feast for yourself, head to @livityplantbasedcuisine’s page and grab their super affordable e-book. You won’t regret it ♥️🇯🇲


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