First Ever Vegan European Contiki Tour

📅 7 days
🌏 5 countries
🏙 6 cities
🍴 23 meals
👸🏼 7 drag queens
🏨 4 hotels
🎢 1 theme park
🦶 130,000 steps
🚤 1 river cruise
🚌 6 coach trips
🌱 1 vegan food tour
🏊‍♂️ 18 spring spa pools / baths
🪩 3 nightclubs
🕺🏻 1 person among us who could actually dance
🚴🏼 1 bike tour
👟 1 lost shoelace
🍴 1 supper club
🚶🏼‍♀️ 1 walking tour
📸 1 sexy chimney cake photoshoot
📦 3 cardboard boxes fashioned into umbrellas
⚽️ 1 intense game of table football
🚽 1 embarrassing toilet door incident involving yours truly
🍹 Lots of drinks
😂 Many laughs
🌱 SO much hummus
🍦 An ungodly amount of snacks

…and most importantly, 15 new friends 🥰

The first ever @contiki vegan tour was even better than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t want to come home! 🥺

From Budapest to Berlin, we adventured, we partied, we made memories for life, we sang, we cried with laughter and boy did we eat 🤤

Here are the individual videos I created for each place:
Bratislava & Vienna
Prague & Brno
Berlin & Dresden

It’s hard to believe that we’ve all only known each other for one single little week. This was my first ever time travelling with others in a group and now I can really see now why Contiki says it’s so fun to travel together 🥰 If you’re thinking about doing it, this is your sign!

Thank you to everyone who came along and to @contiki for taking a chance on running their first ever vegan trip to show people how great vegan food can be 🌱

Fingers crossed we get the chance to do this again one day 🤞🏼If you’ve got any questions about the trip, let me know below and I’ll answer them for you 💭

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