UK – The Royal Duchy, Falmouth, Cornwall

Vegan-friendly hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall 🌱 {press trip}
Check out the video I made of my stay here

Travelling as a vegan can be tough, so it makes me super happy to see hotels like @royalduchyhotel paving the way and properly catering to vegans 🙌🏼

From a hearty cooked breakfast in the morning to an indulgent afternoon tea, these guys have really put a lot of effort into their vegan offering.

Here’s some extra info I want to highlight about the hotel:
📍 Falmouth, Cornwall

🚂 Travel: About 5 hours by train from London

🌱 Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, room service & snack menus all offer vegan options – there were a couple of things I thought needed work (seitan steak, sandwiches in the afternoon tea and a couple more creative options on the dinner menu) but otherwise, I was really impressed, especially by the breakfast

🏨 The hotel: The hotel itself attracts a slightly older clientele generally but I think they’re trying to change that with the introduction of a vegan menu. Personally, it didn’t really bother me but something to point out, I thought

👩‍🍳 The staff were really friendly. Shout out to Stefan & Sam who we chatted to a lot but everyone made us feel welcome

🌊 The rooms: Our room was modern, clean and had a beautiful view of the sea

🌾 GF Options? They do offer GF options even for the vegan menu

♻️ They recycle and their food waste is collected and processed into bio fertiliser – biogas from this process is used as an energy source

🐶 Dog friendly? Only registered assistance dogs

🧖‍♀️ Facilites: They have a pool, gym and sauna and they’re working on developing the facilities further in the future

🌱 It’s also worth mentioning that Falmouth itself had loads of vegan options! We visited a few spots while we were there but there were lots more we could’ve visited if we’d had time

🖤 This is The Royal Duchy’s first time working with an influencer but I’m sending across recommendations for them

Is this the kind of place you can see yourself staying for a few days? 👀

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