Creamy “Bacon” Pasta

Putting the “carb” in carbonara 🍝⁣⁣


Creamy pasta is life. I’ve always loved it, since I was a kid 😍 My dad used to get annoyed because I’d *always* order the adults portion of fettuccine alfredo, absolutely stuff myself to the brim with it, then feel sick because it was so rich 🙈 Well, nothing’s changed, Dad 😂⁣⁣


I decided to give’s creamy carbonara a go 🍝 I’m very aware that this isn’t a traditional recipe (obvs) but it gives a similar result, perfect for when you need a rich, creamy pasta hit 🤤⁣⁣


I’ve popped the link to the original recipe in my bio but there are a couple of errors in it and we adapted it slightly so my version is below 🥰 ⁣⁣


I know many wouldn’t add peas but we wanted a bit of veg in ours 🥰 We also added vegan bacon to give it that nice smokiness that pancetta normally provides. The dish came out quite sweet so I might experiment with a different milk next time🥛⁣⁣


🌱 Marinade⁣⁣

1/3 cup soy sauce⁣⁣

1/8 cup maple syrup⁣⁣

1/8 cup apple cider vinegar⁣⁣

1/8 cup olive oil⁣⁣

1 tsp liquid smoke⁣⁣

4 large flat mushrooms (sliced)⁣⁣

4 cloves garlic (minced)⁣⁣


🌱 Creamy sauce⁣⁣

1 cup soaked cashews⁣

1 cup oat milk⁣ (we used @oatly)⁣

1/2 cup nutritional yeast⁣⁣

1 cup silken tofu⁣⁣


🌱 Extras⁣⁣

1/2 red onion⁣⁣

1 cup peas (optional)⁣⁣

1 pack vegan bacon (we used @greenmeatsco)⁣⁣

Spaghetti (I used @mr_organic wholewheat)⁣⁣

Garlic bread⁣⁣



1. Combine all of the marinade ingredients in a mixing bowl⁣⁣

2. Add the mushrooms to the bowl, let the marinade soak in⁣⁣

3. Add the mushrooms into a wok & fry until cooked through⁣⁣

4. Take the mushrooms out and put to one side⁣⁣

5. Add some olive oil into the wok, add garlic & red onions and slow fry, then take the wok off the heat⁣⁣

6. In a separate frying pan, cook the vegan bacon and then put aside⁣⁣

7. Cook your spaghetti⁣⁣

8. Put the creamy sauce ingredients into a blender & whizz into a thick sauce⁣⁣

9. Pour the cream into the wok & combine with the garlic & onion⁣⁣

10. Add cooked spaghetti into the wok & stir in the peas, mushrooms & bacon⁣⁣

11. Serve w/ garlic bread⁣⁣


Let me know if you try it! 🍝 Thanks to for the original recipe 🙏

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