Miso Tofu & Noodles

In the “nood” for flavour? 🍜⁣

I like noodles a ridiculous amount. They’re cheap, they’re easy to incorporate into a range of recipes and they’ve got that texture 😍 Oh man, the texture 🙌🏼⁣

I had some noodles, tofu, mushrooms and soy sauce in my fridge / cupboard so I started looking up recipes which could use them up and found a miso tofu & noodle delight from @nadiashealthykitchen which was super easy to make and delicious 😋 Click here for the recipe.

I changed a couple of things about the recipe – I used instant noodles instead of dried rice noodles, I only used 200g tofu as it’s all I had, I used all of the broccoli not just the head as I wanted to use all of it up, and I used soy sauce instead of tamari.⁣

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:⁣

🌱 Tofu⁣

🌱 Miso paste⁣

🌱 Tamari or soy sauce⁣

🌱 Rice wine vinegar⁣

💦 Water⁣

🍜 Noodles⁣

🍄 Mushrooms⁣

🥦 Broccoli⁣

🌱 Ginger⁣

🧄 Garlic⁣

🌱 Spring onions⁣

🌱 Sesame oil⁣

🌱 Maple syrup⁣


🥜 Peanuts⁣

🌱 Sesame seeds⁣

🌶 Chilli flakes⁣

What’s your favourite noodle based recipe? 🍜

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