Biff’s – Cook At Home

Wondering what to have for tea? 🤷🏼‍♀️ “wing” it! {gifted}⁣

The absolute legends at @biffs_uk have made it possible to get your hands on frozen “cook at home” versions of their popular jackfruit wings and jackfruit burger patties – woohoo 🥳

You can pick them up at the Walthamstow & Homerton @eat17stores! ⁣

Just whip these bad boys in the oven and be prepared for moist, crisp, jackfruity goodness 😍 ⁣

Here’s what we used for our big, biffy burgers:⁣

🍔 Sesame seed burger bun⁣

🍔 @biffs_uk jackfruit patty⁣

🍔 @biffs_uk’s burger sauce⁣

🧀 @violife_foods tomato & basil cheese slice ⁣

🧅 Red onions⁣

🥒 Pickles⁣

🍅 Tomato⁣

🥬 Lettuce⁣

🍗 For the wings, we simply smothered them in a BBQ sauce 🤤⁣ We also made ourselves some rosemary & thyme potato wedges 😋

If you can’t get to these stores right now, you can order @biffs_uk through @deliveroo 🚲 ⁣

🌱 @biffs_uk frozen burger patties & wings⁣⁣

📍 Stocked in @eat17stores ⁣

💰 Burgers x 2: £3.85⁣

💰 Burgers x 4: £6.70⁣

💰 Wings x 4: £5.50⁣

♻️ ⁣Packaging: Non-recyclable but they’re looking into biodegradable options now⁣

🌾 Gluten free? No⁣

🙋🏼‍♀️ Extra into: Hand-formed, unprocessed, soy-free, GMO free

🤷🏼‍♀️ Buy again? Yes

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