Breaded Nutty Tofu Steaks

The perfect recipe for when you need to “satay” at home 🌱⁣

Four words: Breaded nutty tofu steaks *heavy breathing* 🥵 ⁣

There are few things in life that I love more than a creamy sauce. Like, it genuinely makes me so happy 😍⁣

@thebigjolleyvegan is a peanut butter fiend so I told him I’d use the, what feels like, thirty kilo tub we currently have at home to whip something up 😂🥜 ⁣

Cue’s tofu nutty steak recipe with bok choy 🤤 Creamy, nutty, comforting, bloomin’ delicious. Fair play, this is a great recipe! 👏🏼⁣

You’ll find’s full recipe here.


Here are the ingredients what you’ll need:⁣

🌱 2 tbsp vegetable oil⁣
🧅 2 large banana shallot⁣
🧄 2 large clove garlic⁣
🌶 4 thai chillies⁣
🍯 2 tbsp maple syrup⁣
🌱 3 tsp soy sauce⁣
🥜 150g peanut butter⁣
🥥 200ml coconut milk (half a can)⁣
🌱 2 limes⁣
🌱 1 block of extra firm tofu⁣
🍞 50g panko breadcrumbs⁣
🌱 Cooking oil spray⁣
🥬 2 large bok choy⁣
🌱 1 tbsp sesame oil⁣
🌶 Pinch chilli flakes⁣
🍚 Rice – we used long grain ⁣
🌱 1 tbsp black sesame seeds (optional)

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