Alter – Aldgate East

There’s not a thing I would “alter” 😍 {ad – press sample}

Meet my new fave restaurant: @alter_ldn 🍜 I can’t adequately explain how much I *love* this place ❤️ This is exactly the kind of vegan food we need more of – small plates of vegetables with tonnes of flavour packed into every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 bite 👏🏼🌱

The team are focused on steering veganism away from subs and meat nostalgia and into a more culturally curious place in keeping with the shared values and big picture thinking of veganism 👏🏼

Here’s what I tucked into:

🌱 Kung Pao crackers

🌱Salted watermelon & coconut miang khams

🍜 Bibim guksu cold soba noodles w/ kimchi
💰 £8

🍕 Pizza, ajo blanco & basil
💰 £8

🌱 Chengdu street tofu w/ bamboo sauce


🍜 Khao-soi noodle laksa with oyster mushrooms
💰 £16

🌱 Charred Jordan cabbage w/ kolae coconut curry

🥗 Viet nahm dtok herbal salad w/ citrus dressing

🍲 Shiitake & fermented soy dumplings with a kelp broth

🌱 Rice fermented mustard green miang laos

🌱 Izakaya pickles w/ 1:1:1 relish

🌱 Crispy naem het with blue tongue jaew dressing

💰 The prices aren’t super cheap but for the quality of the food, they’re worth the price tag
🤷🏼‍♀️ Visit again? 100%. I absolutely adore this place! Venue-wise, it has a nice, New York vibe to it, the food has so much depth of flavour and the staff are just lovely. A big yes!
🏆 Faves? SO hard to pick as I loved almost everything but the stand outs were probably the laksa, chengdu street tofu & charred Jordan cabbage

🎥 Head to my reels for video footage

🍽Name: @alter_ldn
📍Location: Aldgate East
🌾Gluten Free Options? Yes
🌱100% vegan business? Yes
🍽 Cuisine: Mainly Asian inspired, lots of Thai. “Authentic and regional vegan food from cultures who do it better than us”
📦Leftovers: My friend took them away for her and her boyfriend to eat
🌍Sustainability:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Many of their dishes are ‘closed’ circuit dishes using things that would otherwise be binned, such as watermelon rind. All takeaway packaging is compostible
👨‍🍳 Owner is British
♿️ Wheelchair friendly: Yes, they have a lift
🐶 Dog friendly: No
🖤 They work with a diverse range of bloggers

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