Best Vegan Fish Brands

This one goes out to the vegan fish brands who are “krilling” it right now 🦐⁣⁣
There are some amazing restaurants like @suttonandsons @suttonandsonsvegan (pictured, still open for takeaway) offering vegan fish & scampi 🍤 but which “plaices” are best to buy from when it comes to supermarket products? 🛒 ⁣⁣
Another list coming right your way! These are some of the best vegan fish brands & products you can buy right now:⁣⁣
🐟 @frysfamily fish fillets⁣⁣
🐟 @frysfamily tempura⁣⁣
🐟 @gardein fillets⁣⁣
🐟 @vivavivera goujons⁣⁣
🐟 @vivavivera fish fingers⁣⁣
🐟 @vivavivera fish burgers⁣⁣
🐟 @lindamccartneyfoods fishcakes⁣⁣
🐟 @lindamccartneyfoods scampi⁣⁣
🐟 @quorn_uk fishless fingers⁣⁣
🐟 @quorn_uk lemon fish fillets⁣⁣
🐟 @quorn_uk breaded fish fillets⁣⁣
🐟 @quorn_uk salt & vinegar fillets⁣⁣
🐟 @squeakybeanveg fish fingers⁣⁣
🐟 @vbitesfoods fishless steaks⁣⁣
🐟 @ikeauk’s vegan caviar⁣⁣
🐟 @waitrose fishless goujons
Natural options you can use to make yourself:⁣⁣
🐟 Tofu⁣⁣
🐟 Banana blossom⁣⁣
🐟 Jackfruit⁣⁣
“But c”mon. Is eating fish really that bad?” 🤷🏻‍♂️ I hear you say. “They don’t feel pain like other animals and there’s so many of them that if we do it sustainably, it’s fine” 🎣⁣⁣
Well actually, here are some things you might not know:⁣⁣
🐟It’s a misconception that fish don’t feel pain. There is lots of evidence to the contrary. When commercially-caught, fish often die from suffocation or organs bursting due to depressurisation 😔 ⁣⁣
🐟 Discarded fishing nets account for 46% of all plastic in the ocean. The threat to our oceans from items such as plastic straws pales in comparison 🥤 If you want to do your bit to tackle this issue, cutting out fish is a great way to do this. As Captain Paul Watson from @seashepherd said: “There’s no such thing as sustainable seafood in a dying ocean”⁣⁣ 🌊 ⁣
So, if you get the oppor”tuna”ty to swap your portion of fish for a vegan version, please give it a try 🐠 This one little switch could have a huge impact ♥️ Also big thanks to everyone who helped me compile this list. I’m very grateful for your suggestions 🙏🏻

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