Me showing the inside of the spicy tofu banh mi from Banh Mi Hoi An on my hunt for the best vegan food in London

Banh Mi Hoi An – Hackney

On the hunt for the best vegan food in London

In episode four of ‘Hunting for London’s Best Vegan Sandwiches’ and ultimately the best vegan food in London, I headed to Banh Mi Hoi An ( for their spicy tofu vegan banh mi.

I’d read rave reviews about this little hole in the wall in Hackney serving street food so i knew I needed to pop down and have a taste.

Watch my review

Watch the video here to see what I thought. Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think? Up there with the best vegan food in London?

My feedback was that the spicy tofu was dreamy. It was full of flavour, had a really nice texture and there was a genrerous amount of it in the baguette. The bread was superb. I’ve been told that they make it themselves and you can really tell – it was crusty but soft at the same time and complemented the fillings perfectly.

I will say, though, that even though I enjoyed it, I did think it was missing mayonnaise. Their non-vegan subs came with non-vegan mayonnaise so I’d love to see vegans given the full experience too! That would really elevate it to the ranks of ‘best vegan food in London’.

For clarification – my sandwich category also includes subs, baguettes and I may even stretch to wraps depending on how generous I’m feeling on the day. If this angers you, please submit your complaints to the Board of Sandwiches 🥪

Save this list for the next time you’re in Hackney and hankering for a delicious sandwich. Stay tuned for the next episode and please leave your recommendations in the comments 🙏🏻

Best Vegan Food in London

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