Daddy Bao – Tooting


Daddy Bao is an adorable family-run restaurant serving up traditional Taiwanese food in London in a shareable small plates format with plenty of vegan options 🌱

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Here’s what I tried:
🍆 Sesame aubergine 💰 £4.30
🌱 Ginger & garlic edamame 💰 £3.90
🥬 Pak choi with yellow bean sauce 💰 £4.10
🌱 Shiitake mushroom bao with pickled onions & miso 💰 £4.60
🌱 Ginger braised tofu bao with house kimchi, crispy onions & coriander 💰 £4.60
🌱 Special: Chongqing cauliflower in Sichuan sauce 💰 £5.50

🏆 Chongqing cauliflower & sesame aubergine

💭 Last time I visited sister restaurant Mr Bao, I said I preferred the sides to the bao and that’s still the case for me. Though I didn’t dislike the bao, I wanted them to be stuffed to the brim a little more. I wouldn’t have minded a fake meat option to add that meaty texture to contrast against the soft bun. The mushroom one was my fave of the two. Their special chongqing cauliflower was really tasty and I couldn’t get enough of the creamy sesame aubergine. Think I almost licked the plate clean. I wouldn’t mind one more hearty vegan option on the menu, especially as the cauliflower isn’t permanent. A bit more protein would be nice – maybe some skewers or vegan pork dumplings using Omnipork

🏠 The family also run @mrbao in Peckham, @masterbao in Shepherds Bush & @chubbydumplinguk

🍽Name: @daddybao
📍Location: Tooting
🌾Gluten Free Options? Yes but not many
🌱100% Vegan Business? No
🍽 Cuisine: Taiwanese
📦Leftovers: No food was leftover this time (I was feeling hungry)
🌍 Sustainability: They try to use as little plastic as possible (always making changes to their delivery packaging to make it as sustainable as possible) and they run specials using seasonal ingredients
♿️ Wheelchair friendly: Yes
🐶 Dog friendly: Yes


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