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You’re “goreng” to want to check this place out 👀🍜 {ad – press sample}⁣⁣
Noodles and curries and spring rolls… oh my! 😱 @ekachai_uk was created by two friends from Hong Kong who wanted to bring the real taste of their childhood to the streets of London 🇬🇧 ⁣

The team now serve a variety of Southeast Asian dishes 👀 Here’s what we ate:⁣

🌱⁣Vegetable spring rolls w/ sweet chilli dip⁣
💭 Light, tasty, good amount of filling⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
🌱⁣Salt & pepper tofu w/ chillies, spring onions & sweet chilli dip⁣
💭Crispy, quite sweet, could’ve been spicier or more flavoursome but still tasty⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
🌱⁣Tofu Pad Thai (ask for it to be veganised)⁣
💭Not the most flavoursome I’ve had but had a nice sweetness which I liked. The chillies added some real heat, the lime cut through the sweetness and I liked the soft, spongey tofu⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣

🌱⁣Tofu Nasi Goreng (ask for it to be veganised)⁣
💭Loved this! Only feedback is that the tofu was a bit chewy, and the dish was a tad oily but I enjoyed the flavours a lot. It tasted a bit eggy in parts! Peppers worked well⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes w/ changes⁣

🌱⁣Nyonya vegetable curry -⁣
💭The flavours in this were unreal – great spice level, tempeh was soft but had bite still. Delicious!⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes⁣
🏆 Fave dish⁣

🍜 Other vegan options include: Bak choi, Tempeh, tofu & spinach noodle soup or stir fry⁣
🎥 For video footage, head to my reels!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
🍽 Restaurant: @ekachai_uk ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
📍Location: King’s Cross⁣⁣, Liverpool Street, Wandsworth, London Bridge / Borough⁣
🍜 Cuisine: ⁣⁣South East Asian – Thai, Malay & Cantonese⁣
🌾GF Options: ⁣Yes⁣
🌱100% Vegan? ⁣No⁣⁣
🏠Eatery: ⁣Casual⁣⁣ restaurant⁣
👩‍🍳Service: Attentive, friendly, good COVID precautions⁣
🚚 Delivery: ⁣⁣⁣Yes, @deliveroo
📦Leftovers: Yes, took some home⁣⁣
👩‍🍳South-East Asian owned⁣
🌍Sustainability: ⁣⁣They try to avoid plastic packaging and ensure any plastic used is recyclable. They’re trialling some things to aim for 100% recyclable packaging v soon⁣
🐶 Dog friendly: No⁣
♿️Wheelchair friendly: Yes
🖤Diversity statement:

PR company’s diversity statement (same company as yesterday’s post): We believe that to be truly diverse you must reject the human nature to gravitate towards familiarity but seek out and acknowledge those who are very different from yourselves. We embrace this different perspective, encourage the new dynamic and recognise that challenge means change for the better. We accept that things can be harder for some than others so we listen and we are committed to provide a safe and welcoming place for people of any background to develop, to be themselves, to speak, to grow, to do their best, to fuel innovation, to participate and to fulfil potential as both an individual and as a part of our team. The hospitality industry is multicultural and global and we want to reflect this within our own workplace; we will never discriminate candidates on race, religion or gender. We believe it is important for each member of staff whether it be a director or the work experience candidate that we always remember we are part of a team, support one another and understand that no one person is bigger than the team.

Ekachai’s diversity statement. Ekachai is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination.
We are committed to and have always strived to:
– Encourage equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
– Create a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued.
– Review employment practices and procedures when necessary to ensure fairness, and also update them and the policy to take account of changes in the law.
– The equality, diversity and inclusion policy is fully supported and practiced by senior management and owners, who themselves are of a minority background

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