Jamaican Feast

“Jamaican” me drool 🤤🇯🇲⁣

I’ve been learning a lot about Jamaican food and cooking techniques over the last few weeks and I’m such a big fan of the flavours and ingredients 😍 I never knew thyme was such a staple in Jamaican cuisine but I’m here for it 🙌🏼⁣

For this feast, I made:⁣
🌱 Rice and peas (the traditional recipe uses kidney beans but I had pigeon peas to use up so I subbed them in)⁣
🇯🇲 Recipe based on one from @jamaicanfoodsandrecipes

🌱 Scrambled ackee with thyme, spring onions, onions, garlic, scotch bonnet & some nooch for a little cheesiness⁣
🇯🇲 Recipe based on one from @jamaicanfoodsandrecipes

🌱 Jerk tofu⁣
🇯🇲 I won’t lie, I kinda winged this one a bit and used some jerk seasoning on the tofu before pan frying. Open to traditional recipes from Jamaican people who are better at this than I am 😂 (I struggled to find any)⁣

🌱Grilled pineapple⁣
🇯🇲 I combined the pineapple with some brown sugar in a bag, shook it, let it mix together for ten mins, then cooked in a grill pan⁣

🌱 Callaloo w/ onions, peppers, scotch bonnet, garlic, thyme & tomato
🇯🇲 Based on a recipe from @healthiersteps

🌱 Plantain⁣
🇯🇲 I cooked mine in coconut oil with a sprinkle of salt⁣

Please leave any suggestions for any other great Jamaican and Caribbean bloggers below 🥰

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