Marks & Spencer – Tofish & Chips

Not the best, cod do batter 🐟⁣

Well this is a little bit exciting, isn’t it? My first foray into the world of product reviews 😃 and what better time to do it? Just as supermarkets have levelled up and started to *really* bring their A game 👊🏼⁣

I kicked things off with a trip to M&S, whose Plant Kitchen range is expanding quicker than I can keep up with 😍 Here’s what I tucked into:⁣

🌱Tofish & chips ready meal⁣
♻️Sleeve & tray are recyclable, film not recyclable⁣
🌾Gluten free? No⁣
💭I’ll be honest, I was underwhelmed by this. The first thing I noticed after cooking it was that the fish was very greasy. The batter was pretty good in that it crisped up nicely but sadly the whole dish was lacking in flavour. It really needed a layer of seaweed in there or some dill to give it that ocean / fishy flavour. It felt like the dish was relying on the sauce to give it flavour but unfortunately the sauce was a little bland too! It wasn’t very tartare-like – it was more like a watery mayo and needed a sharp flavour to lift it. We added vinegar which made it slightly better but overall, a little disappointing. On the bright side, the chips were quite nice!⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️Buy again? No⁣

Have you tried it? What did you think? 💁🏼‍♀️

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