Meat Liquor – Various Locations

Well, well, well @meatgram, we meat again (kinda) 🌱 {paid for in full}

Back in the days when I was an avid meat eater, I used to live next to Meat Mission in Hoxton and it was my favourite haunt. Dead hippie burger, “monkey fingers” & deep fried mac used to be my standard order… But times have changed, and so have businesses. You know that the vegan movement is growing when a restaurant based solely around meat offers a vegan menu 🙌🏼 I never thought I’d be stepping foot in this restaurant again but I’m really pleased to see that they’re on board with introducing vegan options!

FYI: These options aren’t brand new as some have pointed out, this is just the first time I got round to trying them 😌 .

Anyway, here’s what we ate & what I thought:
🌱Burgaloo – Housemade spiced potato, beetroot & black bean patty, red onions, pickles, lettuce, ketchup & garlic mayo
✏️I liked the crisp, crunchy coating and I’m a fan of a /spiced potato patty, although all I was left with was the heat and I would’ve liked to taste more of the flavours coming through. I like the soft white bun, obvs love the inclusion of pickles. Good ratio of patty to bun and lettuce gave a nice crunch too.
❓Order Again? Yes

🌱Satan Fingers – Battered mock chicken (seitan) covered in chilli sauce, served w/ garlic dip
✏️These were nice but didn’t blow me away. Some of them were a little lacking on filling and just felt like spicy batter without anything inside. The actual seitan was a bit too sweet for me. Not bad but not my fave .
❓Order Again? No

🌱Black bean chilli fries topped w/ chilli, onions, jalapeños & @frenchsukmustard .
✏️The little kick from the jalapeños was nice and there was a generous serving of beans (maybe slightly too many). I loved the onions the most and wanted more!
❓Order Again? Yes

🌱Vegan hotdog w/ spicy relish, sauerkraut & crispy onions
✏️Really enjoyed the sauerkraut & crispy onions. It wasn’t the best vegan sausage I’ve had but it was nice and did the job!
❓Order Again? Yes

📍 Location: Angel (various locations)
🌾 GF Options: No
🌱 100% Vegan? No
🏠 Type of Eatery: Casual restaurant
💰 Affordability: £
👩‍🍳 Service: Friendly
🎶 Atmosphere: Grungy, relaxed
📸 @jolley_chris & me
📦 Leftovers: Nope
🗺 Restaurant Map: Link in bio
📺 YouTube: Link in bio


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