Me holding a plate with a vegan full english breakfast including hash browns, toast, scrambled tofu, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, kale, mushrooms and beans


Strewth! What a trip 🇦🇺

I’m back from visiting my fam and *almost* over the jetlag so it feels like a good time to share some of the food I ate 🍴

For my bro’s 30th, we went to Melbourne (Fitzroy) for a few days. I’ve been a few times before and love it. I finally made it to @smithanddeli and had the big brekkie. Honest thoughts? I liked it but it wasn’t amazing.

So many people told me to go to fully vegan pizza spot @redsparrowpizza and I really liked it. Had a couple of drinks before I arrived so ordered the BBQ “chicken” then added crumbled burger 🙃 I was also tempted by the Patatas Bravas & Hawaiian 🌺

Might not look like much but this “chicken” was my fave dish of the trip and @_lonamisa_ was deffo my fave restaurant ❤️ I need these guys to come to London

This spiced “chicken” bao from @vegiebar was great! The burrito for my main wasn’t too bad but the small plates stole the show

We stumbled upon this place when everything else was closed on Good Friday and what a great find. @elektrafitzroy is a Himalayan cafe and these momos were *chefs kiss*

This is @louisfitzroy – another spot we stumbled upon. I was keen to try the vegan Benedict but it didn’t do it for me. There was an eggy flavour and I loved the “chicken” but the dish didn’t come together properly – didn’t think the kale & slaw worked

My fave day of the whole trip. I went surfing at @urbnsurf which I can’t recommend enough then ate at the @threeblueducks cafe and had this delightful capsicum & cashew hummus with dukkah w/ wood fired bread 🥖


I also just want to say that last time I visited, I went to a few places which I’d like to recommend: Transformer, Lord of the Flies and Trippy Taco.

I already miss Aussie brunch, juice, coffee, the surf and, ofc, my fam! 🏄🏼‍♀️

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