Plant Club – Newington Green

Meet London’s first and only vegan & gluten-free Italian restaurant – Plant Club in Newington Green, London 🇮🇹 {press meal}

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I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about @plant_clubuk. A lot of the classic Italian dishes are famously reliant on meat, dairy and bread, but these guys have done such a great job with this menu.

The space at Plant Club London (Newington Green) is casual, relaxed and cute, the owners are really sweet and it was busy on a mid-week night which is always a good sign.

Here’s what me, @iamtiffanyshirley & @foodylens tried:
🥖 Indulgent garlic bread 💰£8
🥖 Cheesy garlic bread 💰 £9.50
🧀 Burella 💰£8
🍅 Parmigiana 💰£8.50
🍝 Cacio e Pepe Gnocchi💰£14
🍝 Paccheri 💰£15
🍕 Ciao Bella 💰£15
🍕 Regina 💰£18
🥔 Pink fir potatoes 💰£6
🍹 Apple & Basil mocktail 💰£8
🍹 Clementine mocktail 💰£8

💭 This is definitely a fave new spot for me. The guys have done a really great job recreating traditional dishes without animal products or gluten but they’ve also put their own spin on them to make them their own. You’d never know that this entire menu was vegan and gluten free! The highlights were the antipasti and the pasta dishes. I struggled to pick a fave (I’ve listed 5 below haha). If I’m honest, the pizzas didn’t do it for me as much. I thought they were a bit floppy. But please also note that I was feeling quite full by the time they came out so maybe they didn’t get as much of a chance with my tastebuds as the earlier dishes 😄 the mocktails were also delicious. Next time, I’m going to pace myself so I can try some of the desserts too!

🏆 Faves: Indulgent garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, burella, Cacio e pepe gnocchi & paccheri

🍽Name: @plant_clubuk
📍Location: Newington Green
🌾Gluten Free Options? Yes – everything is gf!
🌱100% Vegan Business? Yes
🍽 Cuisine: Italian
👨‍🍳 Italian-owned
📦Leftovers: We took the leftovers home
🌍 Sustainability: No plastic for their veggie deliveries and they are all organic & pesticide free. The tiny bit of food waste they produce goes to compost
♿️ Wheelchair friendly: Yes
🐶 Dog friendly: Yes

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