Plum Valley – Chinatown


Being vegan in Chinatown can be tricky but @plumvalleyrestaurant is one of the spots catering really well to veggies and vegans 🌱

Plum Valley, Chinatown showcase cuisines from across Asia with a focus on Cantonese and they have a really strong range of vegan options on offer.

We tried:
🐓 Salt & Pepper mock chicken 💰 £13.80
🥟 Shanghai style vegetable dumplings 💰 £7.50
🐓 Kung po mock chicken 💰 £13.80
🥬 Stir fried veg 💰 £13.50
🦆 Mock duck with black bean sauce 💰 £13.80
🥟 Lo Han vegetable dumpling 💰 £7.50
🥟 Wild mushroom dumpling 💰 £7.50
🌱 Monks vegetable cheung fun 💰 £7.50

💭 Plum Valley (Chinatown, London) has a really impressive array of vegan options. The staff were really helpful when I asked for vegan options and answered all of my questions but I would’ve liked to see clearer labelling on the menu just for peace of mind. It’s not super cheap but the portions are quite generous which helps. I thought the food was nice – nothing absolutely breathtaking but it was enjoyable. I thought the mock meats were impressive.

🏆 Faves: Kung po mock chicken & cheung fun

🍽Name: @plumvalleyrestaurant
📍Location: Chinatown
🌾Gluten Free Options? Unsure – will update once I’ve got this info
🌱100% Vegan Business? No
🍽 Cuisine: Asian (focus on Chinese, specifically Cantonese)
👨‍🍳 Chinese-owned
📦Leftovers: We took the leftovers home
♿️ Wheelchair friendly: Yes
🐶 Dog friendly: No

I paid for this meal myself

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