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Update: I’ve started a petition for delivery apps to cut their commission for restaurants at this difficult time. See my story to sign / share.

With a lot of us currently sitting in our homes, it’s easy to forget that there are people who don’t have the option of working from home 🏠 ⁣

Small, independent businesses who are self employed and rely on customers to stay afloat are struggling and need our help more than ever.⁣

I understand not everyone is able to do any or all of the following but if you *are* able to, please consider the following options:⁣

♥️ Pop to your local store rather than a large supermarket to pick up supplies⁣

♥️ Order takeaways from an independent restaurant – lots of them are on the popular delivery apps and are implementing extra hygiene measures as well as ‘contact free delivery’⁣

♥️Buy a gift certificate which you can use at a later date⁣

♥️ Make a donation – Ask your favourite restaurant if they have a fundraising page which you can donate to⁣. I tried to set one up where you could donate to multiple companies but apparently it’s not possible yet sadly

♥️Order from your favourite brands / companies online⁣

♥️Be kind, supportive and understanding. This is a tough time for restaurants & staff and they’re doing their best. Right now isn’t the time for unnecessary complaints or criticism⁣

♥️Use your voice on social media to keep spreading the word about independent businesses. I will start posting again from tomorrow because I think we need to be raising awareness about businesses now, more than ever⁣

♥️Please support businesses run by POC and East Asians who have been hit especially hard because of unfair stereotypes and blatant racism⁣

♥️Research / ask vulnerable people and businesses how you can best help them⁣

♥️Donate to food banks to help those who are unable to access supplies right now⁣

This is not an exhaustive list by any means so please, if you have other suggestions, please leave them below. ⁣

Alternatively, if you’re a business / charity who would like to be highlighted, please DM me and I’ll share your info on my story ♥️

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