Wulf & Lamb – Sloane Square

Now that vegan food is becoming a huge thing, in a speedy way (and rightly so), it was only a matter of time before a really funky, chic vegan restaurant opened, serving food that you would NEVER believe was vegan until you saw the ingredients list. This place is seriously cool: Rose gold hues, wooden floorboards and marble tables make Wulf & Lamb a total vegan oasis!

My friend Charmaine (who is also veggie) and I had both heard a lot about this venue, its cute branding and high profile celeb visits have been gracing our Instagram feeds so we were SUPER excited to check it out! We were delighted to be told that we were going to be treated to a selection of the restaurant’s best dishes so that we could get a real taste (excuse the pun) of what the menu was about. In other words, this meant we were able to sample a little bit of everything – Heaven!

First to be delivered to our beautiful marble table was the spicy mango noodle salad which is comprised of chilled vermicelli noodles, fresh mango, avocado, green beans, sugar snaps, cucumber, radishes and red pepper; laced with chilli, black sesame seeds, fresh coriander and mint. This dish was light, refreshing and supremely fresh! The flavour combination was divine and I would happily order this for a light lunch without any fear of not being full.

At the risk of sounding over enthusiastic about the green Thai coconut curry, this is easily one of the best curries we’ve both ever tasted. The dish contains a dollop of sweet potato mash and seasonal vegetables, combined with aromatic thai roots, spices and coconut cream with jasmine rice. The use of coconut cream instead of milk makes the texture incredibly creamy. I would say it’s almost a mix of a soup and a curry. The flavours are simply stunning – a little spicy as well as a little sweet. I defy anyone to eat this and be able to tell that there’s no dairy in it. This is a must order! Phenomenal dish.

They weren’t messing around when they said we would get a little taste of everything! Next, we were treated to a host of side dishes including rosemary & thyme roasted potato & sweet potato wedges and tenderstem broccoli & fresh radishes, scattered with savoury porcini-and-garlic bread crumbs. Both were tasty but I particularly loved the potato wedges, I’ll take them over sweet potato any day! I did think the garlic breadcrumbs were a nice touch as sometimes veg side dishes run the risk of being a little bland. These had a nice crunch and a beautiful garlic flavour.

Oh yes! Most importantly, for anyone who knows me, we were given a side of vegan mac and cheese and I was just as excited as I expected to be about it. I’d seen the pictures on Instagram, I’d read the reviews and now it was time for me to get stuck in! Now, I know people have their own preferences for mac but I pretty much like every kind. This had quite a thick texture to it and whilst Charmaine wasn’t in love with it, I absolutely adored it. I guess you could describe it as more thick and textured than creamy which is quite unusual with vegan mac. It also has a crispy top to it which provided the perfect crunch. I 100% would order this again and I liked it so much that I also ate Charmaine’s portion. Sorry not sorry.

Next, it was time to bring out the big guns. First, the highly anticipated Wulf Burger – A seitan burger topped with tomato, baby gem, pickle, red onion, vegan cheese and cashew aioli in a brioche bun. Secondly, the Spicy Veg Burger packed with a spicy vegetable burger and topped with tomato, baby gem, pickle, red onion, vegan cheese and cashew aioli in a brioche bun. I enjoyed both burgers but the Wulf burger was my favourite. The patty itself had a crispy texture which was very satisfying! I’m a big fan of Seitan anyway but thought this was really well done! The mayo, lettuce and tomato kept it fresh and honestly, I have to say that you wouldn’t know that this was vegan. The veg burger was tasty too – it wasn’t dry in any way and the combination of flavours did work but for me, the Wulf was the winner here and you can see why it’s their signature burger!

At this point, we’re both totally stuffed but who am I to turn down some of the brightest, most beautiful desserts I’ve ever seen?

The top picture is the tiramisu – raw almond cream on a chocolate and nut base, topped with coffee meringue and a decadent brandy and vanilla cashew cream. This was quite a heavy dish and whilst I really enjoyed the texture and the brandy flavour was intense, I did wish that perhaps it was a little lighter.

The second image is the mango & passionfruit cheesecake. In Wulf & Lamb’s own words, it’s a melt-in-the-mouth dairy-free cheesecake on a base of macadamia, pistachios and sesame seeds, topped with raspberry crumble and mint. This was incredible and will definitely be my choice of dessert next time I visit! It was an explosion of flavours with creamy textures.

All in all, this little restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and despite being in one of the most expensive areas of London, surrounded by designer stores and five storey houses, it doesn’t feel stuffy or pretentious. The staff are very sweet, the food is top notch and, to be honest, you definitely don’t need to be vegan or veggie to enjoy it. It’s the kind of place I would meet with girlfriends for a catch up over dinner and drinks and I can almost guarantee that after your visit, you’ll be telling all of your friends about this little vegan gem!

The Little London Foodie recommends:

– Green Thai Coconut Curry

– Wulf Burger

– Mac & Cheese

– Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake

📍Location: Sloane Square
🌾GF Options? Yes
🌱100% Vegan? Yes⁣⁣⁣
🏠Eatery: Casual, chic restaurant
💰Affordability: ££⁣⁣⁣⁣
🍽Portions: Generous
👩‍🍳Service: Friendly
🎶Vibe: Relaxed⁣
📸 Me⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
📦Leftovers: Nope, ate the lot!

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