The Real Greek – Spitalfields

Apparently it’s not acceptable to smash plates at a Greek restaurant just because you loved the food. It has to be a more “significant celebration” 👰🏼 🇬🇷 Who knew? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Just kiddingggg, OBVS I didn’t smash any plates, I’m a very well behaved restaurant guest, but I did thoroughly enjoy taste testing @therealgreekuk’s brand new vegan menu! 😍

Did you know that veganism has been around for a long time in Greek history? The first philosopher to create a lasting vegan diet was Pythagoras in 500 BCE! 🌱 That’s a hella long time ago. So, it makes perfect sense that @therealgreekuk is introducing some bangin’ vegan options. What’s really impressive is that, as good as falafel is, they don’t just rely on it to form the entire menu! 👏🏼
To start, I tried the flatbread with the pea fava (Greece’s version of mushy peas) made using mashed green peas, olive oil, lemon, red onions & tomato. I also tried the Spicy Walnut and Red Pepper Dip and the yellow lentil Santorini Fava ❤️

For mains, I tucked into the Dolmades Vine Leaves stuffed with rice, tomato & fresh herbs, the Braised Artichokes with carrots, lemon and an olive oil sauce, the Jackfruit Stifado – A classic, slow-cooked Greek dish with button mushrooms, shallots & aniseed and finally, the Moussaka (pictured and also my favourite dish). This is layered with potato, courgette, aubergine & jackfruit mix without the bechamel sauce but with a cinnamon taste. Divine. 🤤🤤🤤

They also offer a range of souvlaki wraps with jackfruit and falafel, chickpea filo triangles, grilled aubergine with tomato sauce, pourgouri, feta free Greek salads and a range of desserts including homemade baklava. Take a bow @therealgreekuk, this is a super creative menu which respects the original dishes but also adds in some unique, unusual ingredients 👏🏼🙌🏼


📍Location: Various
🌾GF Options? Yes
🌱100% Vegan? No⁣⁣⁣
🏠Eatery: Casual restaurant
💰Affordability: ££
🍽Portions: Average
👩‍🍳Service: Friendly
🎶Vibe: Relaxed⁣
📸 Me⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ & Chris
📦Leftovers: Nope, ate the lot!

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