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It’s o-fish-al 🐟 @wasabi_uk now does vegan “fish” sushi 🍣

Like most other vegan fish brands out there right now, the vegan fish is made entirely from vegetables 🌱 mainly tapioca starch (a gluten free starch extracted from the cassava root) but also canola oil, flaxseed oil and glucose 🍱

Their set includes “Vegan Zalmon” nigiri and “Vegan Zalmon” uramaki rolls with avocado, red cabbage, sweet chilli and chives 🍣

🍱 I’ve tried a few different vegan “fish” sushi boxes over the last year and my thoughts are pretty much the same every time.

The texture is excellent – practically as good as the real thing, especially in the uramaki where it’s surrounded by so many different ingredients – it’s squidgey, soft and juicy, just like salmon 🐟

In the nigiri, it’s not quiiiite as realistic but despite the fact that it’s not absolutely identical, it is pretty close – certainly close enough to be quite convincing 🍣

However, when it comes to taste, it’s juuuuust not quite there for me. The “fish” itself just doesn’t taste like much. You can still kind of get away with it when it’s surrounded by other ingredients and in that sense, it’s realistic but it’s just not super fishy.

💰 £7.50
💭Order again? Yes. I used to be a BIG sushi lover so I’m probably being a little picky in my critique. I probably would order it again if I was on the go or after a light, healthy lunch. The texture is great and it definitely still holds its own, it’s just that fishy flavour that’s missing 🐟 Still, how incredible is it that huge chains are providing vegan fish options now?! They’re only going to get better and better and I cannot wait 😍

Have you had it yet? What are your thoughts? What would you like to see next? Personally I’d love a oyster mushroom katsu maki roll 🍣

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