Brick Lane Market – Brick Lane

What my weekend looked like…

Spoiler alert: Loads of food 🙃

I’ve been minimising my time online at the weekend. Not an easy task when your job is based entirely around social media BUT equally, that’s why it’s important.

Anyway, here’s what I got up to:

Saturday:🍴Headed to Brick Lane food hall and ate:

🌱 @daebak_uk’s Korean corn dogs – They have a vegan sausage and all vegan toppings (apart from the cheese). I’ve not had many corn dogs and I’m still not 100% sure they’re for me. I find the batter dense and overall they’re not the most flavoursome, even with sauces. Am I corn-dogging wrong? Corn dog experts, please chime in

🥤 @bubbleandscoop’s bubble tea. I could drink bubble tea every day. I love it although this was v sweet – I’d probs go back to brown sugar rather than vanilla next time. Also the boba weren’t my fave – I’ve had more flavoursome ones before

🌱 Pani puri from @plantxology – my bf has just discovered his love for this dish so we’ve been eating a lot of it. This was tasty but there was a touch too much flavoured water for me as it was quite sharp, but a nice mix of flavours and a nice crisp crunch

🥟 Vegan dumplings – store unknown (sorry) – not bad. I think I held back with the toppings – should’ve gone harder to maximise flavour but damn, I do love a dumpling

Cycled down to the new(ish) Hawley wharf market in @camdenmarketldn and had:

🇪🇹 The vegan box w/ spinach, red lentils & green beans from @eden_ethiopian_coffee_ – these guys have only been serving food for a few days – they normally specialise in coffee, but I enjoyed it! The lentils were delish. The spinach and beans weren’t bursting with flavour but didn’t need to be with the lentils in there. Would deffo go back!

🇬🇷 For my belated bday present, my bf took me to @punchdrunkint which is an immersive experience. Some parts were fun – intriguing and mysterious – others were too artsy for me 😅 but deffo a unique way to spend an evening! Has anyone else been?

Also played pool at @sportsbarandgrilloldstreet and had drinks & played cards outside at @queensprimrose. Delightful👌🏼

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