Buck Street Market – Camden

A market with the “fuschia” of our planet in mind 🌍 {ad – press sample}⁣

Buck Street Market is the newest addition to Camden 📍 While I have mixed feelings about it replacing the long-standing market, I’m pleased to see an eco-friendly operation supporting 80+ small businesses in an area of high tourism. I’m told they will also feature community stalls held on rotation by local community businesses & groups 👏🏼 ⁣


Here’s how the eco-friendly market is doing its bit:⁣

♻️They compost their food & drink waste to generate energy & produce electricity for the site⁣

♻️Zero single-use plastic policy⁣

♻️Multiple recycling points⁣

♻️Strong vegan offering (would’ve liked to see less steak / beef options though)⁣

♻️One fine dining restaurant based solely on foraged foods (@wildflowerrestaurantuk)⁣

♻️A rooftop screen which will showcase info on climate change (wasn’t on when we visited)⁣

♻️Outdoor space will provide activities & events including workshops and film screenings⁣


I visited each stall and made a note of whether or not they had vegan options:

Here are the stalls with vegan options:

  • Arepa – Arepas without the cheese
  • Asador – Argentinian owned
  • Camden fish and chips – fish and chip wrap, onion wings, salads wrap, chip wrap
  • Churros London – Dark choc churros
  • Elia – Souvlaki wraps, boxes
  • Ethika – Italian style grilled flatbread sandwiches (kimchi, marinated tofu, slaw & cucumber)
  • Fire flatbreads – Breakfast gozelme, flatbread, meze boxes
  • Glass – coffee
  • Juice junkies – 100% vegan
  • Killa Waffles – falafel waffle
  • Magic falafel – 100% vegan
  • NUSA Kitchen – Noodles, soups
  • Quinoa Arepa – Wraps, plates, arepas, salads
  • Prtzl – All vegan
  • Rico Burrito – Smoky tofu wrap
  • ⁣Siam Noodle – Sadly closed when I visited but their website indicates vegan options
  • Sunshine hummus – Bowls and pita pockets
  • Tea Garden – Closed when I visited but their website indicates vegan options
  • Wildflower
  • Yaki Box – Vegan Katsu and sushi


Here’s what we ate:⁣

🌱 Vegan Katsu curry⁣

📍 @yakibox_camden ⁣


🌱 Breakfast gozleme with potatoes⁣

📍 @fireflatbreadscamdenmarket⁣



🌱 Hummus bowl w/ tahini, chickpeas, lemon juice, zhoug, garlic, paprika, cumin, olive oil, parsley with pitta bread and aubergine – This was my favourite dish!

📍 @sunshinehummus_uk ⁣



🌱 Waffle cone w/ crispy fried falafel, fresh salad & sriracha⁣

📍 @killa_waffles⁣



🌱 Churros w/ dark choc & fresh strawberries⁣

📍 @churroslondon⁣



🍽Name: @buckstreetmarket ⁣⁣⁣⁣

📍Location: Camden⁣

🌾GF Options: Yes⁣

🌱100% Vegan? No⁣

🍽 Cuisine: Various⁣

📦Leftovers: Yes, took lots home⁣

🌍Sustainability: ⁣As mentioned above⁣

🖤 Diversity statement: “We’re heavily invested and taking steps to improve diversity and address the current issues in society. We have an anti-racism policy which outlines everything we have and will be doing. For this campaign, there’s a 50/50 split with 50 being BAME influencers.” – My feedback is that while there’s a wide range of cultures represented, I didn’t see any Black-owned businesses

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