Southern Feast

Want this dish? Form an orderly barbe”queue” 🍗⁣

This week, I set myself the challenge of recreating a comforting, vegan Southern feast 🌱⁣

“Soul food” has a long and complex history and it’s important to recognise its origins and roots as well as the evolution and significance of the cuisine. I’ve linked a piece in my bio which discusses this as greater length, and it’s a very interesting read.⁣


Here’s what’s on my plate:⁣
🍗 Crispy fried vegan “chicken” made using oyster mushrooms⁣
📍From @marliskitchen

🍞 Vegan cornbread⁣
📍 Recipe from the ‘Southern vegan’ website⁣

🥬 Collard greens⁣
📍Recipe from @sweetpotatosoul

🥔 Mashed potato⁣
📍Recipe veganised from @southernlivingmag

🥩 Sticky BBQ tempeh ribs ⁣
📍From @plantpowerfoods

🧀 Macaroni cheese⁣
📍Recipe from @livityplantbasedcuisine because this is my favourite recipe! I do also add a little more cheese and nutritional yeast to it⁣

🍖Sweet & smoky BBQ jackfruit⁣
📍 From @sainsburys’ Plant Pioneers range⁣

🌱 Coleslaw⁣
📍From @marksandspencerfoodprplant kitchen range – I was going to make my own but we had some leftover in the house!⁣

Do any of you know any great soul food bloggers? I’d love to cook more of this cuisine whilst staying true to the original recipes ♥️

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